'I have to pay education loan': After Wipro, techies accuse Capgemini of delay in onboarding

'I have to pay education loan': After Wipro, techies accuse Capgemini of delay in onboarding

Out of the several techies awaiting Capgemini's onboarding, some have offers from Wipro as well, but neither of the companies has provided any dates for joining.

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Capgemini, the multinational information technology services company, has not onboarded IT professionals despite providing them with 'Letter of Intent' as early as December 2021.

A job claimant told Business Today, “I was selected via campus placement back in August 2021 and Capgemini sent me LOI in December 2021.”

“They put me in a pre boarding training with no pay. It's been almost an year since I got the LOI,” the candidate added.

Letter of Intent or LOI refers to a document outlining the understanding between two or more parties which they intend to formalise in a legally binding agreement. In this case, the Letter of Intent was between Capgemini and the IT professionals highlighting the company’s plans to hire them.

Another IT professional facing similar issue told Business Today that while waiting for Capgemini to onboard them, they rejected offers from Infosys and Wipro. But now, no one from Capgemini responds to their queries, they are just sent an auto generated email.

“I have already rejected Infosys’ and Wipro's offer. I'm waiting for Capgemini’s onboarding for a long time. I have also sent mails to them, they just give some auto generated reply,” the candidate said.

The job claimant had received an offer in March 2022. “I had completed my interview on 25 February 2022, and received my LOI on 24 March 2022.”

The delay in onboarding at Capgemini has been causing these techies mental as well as financial stress. A young techie told Business Today, “They gave us offer and then made us train without any money for months but now they are not responding. Seven months of my life have been wasted without money and I cannot even explain it to my parents.”

This comes days after Business Today reported that Wipro has delayed onboarding of several job claimants. The company also went ahead and rescinded offers made to many candidates.

Out of the several techies awaiting Capgemini’s onboarding, there are some who have offers from Wipro as well, but neither companies have provided any dates for joining.

One such young professional said, “I have offers from both Wipro and Capgemini. But both the companies have delayed my onboarding. I have to pay my education loan, my family has very limited means.”

Business Today has reached out to Capgemini with detailed queries on the issue. The copy will be updated when the company responds.

Published on: Sep 25, 2022, 12:48 PM IST
Posted by: Vivek Dubey, Sep 25, 2022, 12:40 PM IST