Bill Gates appreciates PM Modi's leadership in handling coronavirus in India

Bill Gates appreciates PM Modi's leadership in handling coronavirus in India

The clarification follows "misinterpretation" by some media reports which have "claimed" that the guidelines of the ministry have prescribed penal actions against company directors and management if employees test positive for COVID-19 disease, the home ministry said

Microsoft co-founder BIll Gates Microsoft co-founder BIll Gates

Philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, lauding his leadership in handling the coronavirus outbreak in India and the measures taken to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

"We commend your leadership and the proactive measures you and your government have taken to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 infection rate in India, such as adopting a national lockdown," Gates said in the letter.

He appreciated the Modi government for properly utilising technology in the fight against the virus. "I'm glad your government is fully utilising its exceptional digital capabilities in its COVID-19 response and has launched the Aarogya Setu digital app for coronavirus tracking, contact tracing, and to connect people to health services," he said.

The billionaire further appreciated PM Modi for expanding testing "to identify hot spots for isolation, quarantining, and care, and significantly increasing health expenditures to strengthen the health system response and promote R&D and digital innovation."

"Grateful to see that you're seeking to balance public health imperatives with the need to ensure adequate social protection for all Indians," he added.

Bill Gates runs the philanthropic organisation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with his wife Melinda. They are the second-largest donor to the World Health Organization. The USA holds the top spot. The organization has been actively doing philanthropic activities in India, including helping the country during the COVID-19 crisis.