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India's crorepati count up at 81,000; expands 68% in 3 years, says CBDT

India is now home to 81,000 individuals with disclosed income of above Rs 1 crore per annum, with this 'crorepati club' expanding by over two-third in last three years, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) data showed Monday.

In case of emergencies, the set up can be brought down within minutes. There's also a safety area below.
The Congress parliamentarian was promoting his new book The Paradoxical Prime Minister through the tweet with floccinaucinihilipilification.
The first clinic branded "Mindful TMS Neurocare" has been launched in Delhi. The next two cities, Mumbai and Bangalore, will be opened in next six months.
Called the "Roll Royce of malts", the whisky was bought by an Asian collector who took part in the bid for this 'most-valuable whisky' over the phone.
Housing finance major HDFC was the only company from India's banking and finance sector to figure in the list and was placed 217th.