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Why Facebook COO continues her love affair with India

Why Facebook COO continues her love affair with India

In September 2010, when Sheryl Sandberg opened the India office in Hyderabad, Facebook had recently crossed 8 million active users here. The user number crossed 100 million in March this year. India is now Facebook's second largest market by users.
Editor's Note
And then there is Sheryl Sandberg. "Having it all," she says in her bestseller Lean In, is perhaps the greatest trap ever set for women. "Because no matter what any of us has - and how grateful we are for what we have - no one has it all."

The man who proved PSUs could also deliver looks back on a remarkable career.

People who made news this fortnight: Alain Tanugi, Sameer Nair, Nikesh Arora, Thomas Matussek
Leadership Spotlight

Profile of NTPC Chairman & Managing Director Arup Roy Choudhury.

In an engaging discussion, CEOs at BT's lunch meet in Bangalore and ponder whether India has it in it to make a global mark in innovative products.
BT More
The new Jaegar-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder watch is a mechanical-electronic hybrid that lets you lock/unlock the doors of the car with its remote control button, turn on the headlights and much more.
Business Today readers give feedback on the magazine's coverage.
A reason to worry is the uneven rainfall distribution. While the sowing window is open till early-August and sowing coverage is likely to improve as the monsoon progresses, distribution will be key to determining crop output.
Events, people who made the news this past fortnight.
B-School Debate
IIM students present their opinion whether 8% GDP growth in next two years is a pipe dream for the Indian economy.

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