Business Today Archive September 20, 2009 Issue

Edition: September 20, 2009

Cover Story

Stop the 'war' against enterprise

India has too many illiterates but too few entrepreneurs entering into the field of education. Why is this so? The answer is simple: the country is hostile territory for educational entrepreneurship.
The draft direct tax code, if implemented in its current form, promises to be a game changer for individual taxpayers as well as for personal finance. We show how.
Editor's Note
The share of education in most household budgets has risen substantially in recent years. That's not only because Indians are getting better educated, but also because getting educated is becoming more and more expensive.
Amartya Sen shows that the concept of justice cannot be moored to social contracts or ideal institutions but instead needs to be linked to the ground realities of society.
India’s most valuable pharma firm has stumbled, as a US subsidiary gets on the wrong side of the FDA and a handful of exclusive arrangements come to an end. Can founder Dilip Shanghvi get Sun Pharma back on the road to supernormal profits?
Back of the Book
Over two weeks across six states, we discovered that the US is changing like never before — thanks to the recession.
BT More
Sangre de Toro owes its name, which means ‘bull’s blood’, to its robust colour. It’s hard to find a young wine looking so definitively red.
The India-ASEAN FTA is not just an ordinary free trade agreement. It is a key that will open the door to wider strategic engagement with the region, facilitating India’s participation in efforts to build an “Asian Economic Community”.
Despite a poor job market, a majority of executives is satisfied with their jobs, reveals a survey.
Product innovation and understanding of the Internet has made Google the king of the search domain. But its eyebrow-raising revenues is thanks to marketing whizkids like Nikesh Arora.
There will be surprises in executing even a well planned project. Here is how to tackle them.
Paul A. Hawkinson, MD of the $8.4-billion BMO Financial Group’s investment banking arm BMO Capital Markets, spoke about developing opportunities between India and N.America.

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