Special Reports
Special Reports
Telecom 2.0

Telecom companies are building digital revenue streams to jump into the global fray


Start-ups are consolidating freight operations via digital maketplaces and using tech for better warehouse management

Agile delivery models to accelerated digitisation, automation is redefining the IT industry

The financial services sector is witnessing the adoption of new technologies and business model changes, albeit in different and innovative ways

As central banks look at digital currencies, this emerging technology will soon be hard to ignore

Fear, uncertainty and rapid business shifts have created the perfect storm for cybercriminals to capitalise on

Agri firms find new opportunities in using AI to help farmers fight pests, keep soil healthy and even predicting prices of their produce

The announced investment increases Xiaomi's pledge made last year to invest 10 billion yuan over five years in an 'All in AIoT' strategy

With residential sales hitting the trough and prices stagnant, the realty market can look forward to better times

Commercial real estate is on a strong footing even as the residential segment flounders


A lot of local stores are going online with help from tech start-ups and a clutch of FMCG majors

Around 75 per cent of data resides outside India. Push for localisation requires data to be stored within the country

As closure of schools, colleges brings new students into their fold, Ed-Tech firms look for innovative ways to monetise their new user base

Consumer insight-driven launches, digital after-sales service and automation of production & logistics are redefining the consumer durables industry

As IT is transitioning from a support function to becoming the business itself, great fortunes will be made and lost in the next half decade

The WeWork IPO debacle has not hit the optimism of Indian co-working players

RERA has increased transparency but it lacks in leveraging technology and a large inventory of real estate projects remains outside its purview

Large metro airports are suffering from bad planning, but operators can still fix the problems