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The Break-Out Zone
Quantum Quandary

An exponential leap in processing power is around the corner, but will we use or abuse it?


Due diligence while transacting online is imperative as number of malware and phishing attacks increase.

If you lose your cool often, try fighting it with curiosity

The eighth leg of the 22nd edition of the LLOYD Business Today Pro-Am of Champions teed off at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club on Friday, February 9, 2018.

While the leaders remain the same, there are new companies rising up the ladder.

Although the two cloned monkeys in China are doing well, human cloning is not imminent.

select picks from the world of luxury.

Check out these technology aids to keep track of key health parameters for good heart health and foolproof diabetes care.

Why the look-before-you-leap practice is critical for machines too.


select picks from the world of luxury and fine living.

With numerous gadgets crowding the office and close contact with colleagues in a 24x7 work environment, we need more than a handwash to stay safe.

Fascinating and unheard-of insights to help one achieve personal and professional excellence

Xiaomi's first LED TV launched in India is the perfect blend of style with functionality.

Smartphone manufacturers are working towards integrating the fingerprint scanner under the phone's display.

Protecting yourself from the increasing number of screens you stare at through the day could be the biggest favour you do yourself.

FIIL's wireless headphones promise to offer active noise cancellation as well as impressive sound output.

From locking your home when you step out to restocking your refrigerator, there's no end to what smart assistants can do in the future.

A round-up of the best from the world of luxury.