Business Today MindRush 2013 Live Coverage
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MindRush 2013
MindRush Day 2: Wellness, leadership, negotiation and mythology

Ashish Bagga, Group Chief Executive Officer, India Today Group, delivered the vote of thanks, and said next year Business Today's MindRush event will just get bigger.

The man credited with turning around HCL told Business Today's MindRush conclave leaders are neither born nor created, they have to earn respect to lead every day.
Innovation guru John Kao believes countries that are good in innovation tend to be smaller in size. India, China and the US are complicated because of their size.
So, what's the best way to get fit? Before you can hit the gym, run or swim, it is important to get selfish. So believes actor and fitness freak Neha Dhupia.
"We have to re-engineer government processes and also use technology to ensure that delays are cut," said a candid Anand Sharma, Minister of Commerce & Industry.