'Have trained 1.4 crore people; 50% of fee-based training students placed', says NSDC COO

Sonal Khetarpal   New Delhi     Last Updated: December 18, 2017  | 19:05 IST
'Have trained 1.4 crore people; 50% of fee-based training students placed', says NSDC COO

Business Today catches up with Jayant Krishna, Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to discuss the organisation's new role and focus on placements  

BT: It has been reported that NSDC has not been able to help skilled people get a job.

Krishna: NSDC has two broad buckets, one is our fee-based training and another is skilling under Government schemes. It is in the former that the numbers are much bigger and under them it is mandated that the training partners have to place at least 70% of the students. We have not been able to achieve that number but, it is in excess of 50%.

Now, what number usually gets talked about is from the government schemes such as STAR (Standard Training Assessment and Reward) and the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY). These were not designed to be employment centric schemes and the focus was primarily on skilling people. I am not saying that we said employment cannot happen but the focus on employment was not as much.

BT: But isn't that a lacuna then...

Krishna: I would not like to comment because that scheme is over now. What we have today is PMKVY 2 with which we have brought back the focus on employment and have brought back the same 70% employment requirement just like it is in the fee-based programmes.

BT: How many people have been trained under these schemes and what is the placement rate?

Krishna: We have trained almost 1.4 crore people since our inception. For fee-based programmes, the number would be about 81 lakhs from which more than 50% have got jobs. The earlier phase of the government's scheme was a part of the learning, so in the next version, the PMKVY 2 the training partners have to get 70% placement offers for the candidates otherwise we will not pay them the last 20% money.
Till now for PMKVY across 33 sectors the total number of candidates who have been enrolled so far in this financial year are 11.73 lakhs and this fiscal is far from over so the number is likely to increase.

For placement rate in PMKVY 2 it's too early to say because there is always a phase lag of three months between the training completion and the placement. We will be able to give the right number six months later. Once the training is completed, there is assessment, certification and then the people will be placed. I am very confident that the numbers this time will be much higher than what it has been in the past.

BT: As the technology is changing and new skillsets are required, what are the focus areas of skilling?

Krishna: This is across the board. Two of these Sector Skill Councils are new and one is in the process of starting so there are 40 Sector Skill Councils that are responsible to ensure the training meets industry standards. For PMKVY training happens for about 250 job roles. Overall we have training programmes of about 2000 jobs. So we have picked up those which have higher amount of skill gap.


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