There is a lot of ground to be covered for India to become completely cashless

How India can become a cashless economy

Jul 23, 2021

Targeted incentives will encourage consumers and merchants to consider moving away from cash. This might be achieved by reducing the cost of digital payments, introducing cash-handling charges or restricting the use of cash above certain thresholds

The prospects for the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices are now becoming favourable in India

Sustainable agriculture: Why it is more imp now than ever

Jul 19, 2021

Modern agri-tech firms can be instrumental in empowering farmers, promote sustainable agricultural practices, reduce crop wastages, deepen domestic and international market linkages along with improving farmer income

The adoption of drones for mass good serves as a vital indicator of the robustness of a country’s decision-making system

Drones in India: A model for cooperative federalism?

Jul 16, 2021

Unmanned Aerial Systems - drones - are one technology that has come centre-stage in COVID-19 era. UAVs globally have encountered ambiguity relating to policy and governance, pricing and economics, lack of common knowledge and potential social implications

Mid-sized stores are always in a dilemma because no one has ever tried to solve the segment's pain points

The dilemma of mid-sized grocery stores

Jul 16, 2021

Mid-sized retailers aspire to reap the full-stack benefits of a modern retail chain and their modern trade format is a great plus

Herding behavior is more prominent under circumstances of elevated uncertainty. In such a market scenario to reduce their risk exposure and minimise market uncertainty, investors prefer to join the crowd

How herd behaviour in stock market could compound investors' financial woes

Jul 15, 2021

Persistent bull-run due to herding and systematic mispricing in the market could result in substantial resource misallocation in the economy and compound financial woes

With commercial lenders staring at the possibility of piling up of stressed assets, credit from the formal sector has dried up for small businesses

MSME credit and gold loan companies - lenders of last resort for fund starved small businesses

Jul 14, 2021

Commercial lenders are shying away from their primary business as they turn risk averse despite the government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) doing whatever it takes to spur credit flow to MSMEs

The newly proposed clauses seem more to do with platforms than consumers and are likely to encourage and prop up inefficient players in this space

New e-commerce rules: An uneven field

Jul 14, 2021

With the current announcement of e-commerce rules, in a sector experiencing high growth rates, major US players will be adversely impacted

Policymaking in the digital economy must shed the old notions of sovereign power and make regulation a multi-stakeholder process

Will new e-commerce rules do more harm than good?

Jul 13, 2021

The next leap in economic growth is premised on the value multiplier of the digital economy, whose future in India appears cloudy with a storm of overbearing regulation fast approaching

GST needs to have the same set of rulings across the country, thereby living up to the basic motto of GST, that of 'One Nation-One tax'

Four years of GST: Many hits but a few misses

Jul 13, 2021

The government has made a commendable effort in consolidating various central and state indirect tax levies into a single tax levy. GST is on its way to becoming a 'good and simple tax' as envisaged during the launch in 2017

Aiming for unicorn status is a fundamentally flawed approach to building your start-up

Not valuation, value creation should be the focus of Indian startups

Jul 12, 2021

This might sound uncharitable, but it does seem like there's a sense of entitlement that has seeped into start-ups and VCs alike-to make money for themselves before anything else

Deficiencies in the regulation of data flow in India are merely a consequence of a simplistic assumption that data flows are an unadulterated good

What is the purpose of Data Protection law in India?

Jul 09, 2021

The need to provide local residence to data in India stems from the fact that India is a nation state and therefore would treat the data generated by its citizens as a national asset