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Economic crisis: Why turning on the consumption tap will not be easy

Why getting consumption growth back on track will be more difficult than simply reducing taxes or interest rates

The government cannot stop or slow down spending - the economy is already losing steam with exports, private consumption and private sector investment slowing down
The focus of the chapters in the Economic Survey 2019 is interesting, both for what they talk about and also for what they omit to discuss
For the PM, his key task during the second term would be to boost sentiment - both for private sector investment and for private consumption
The bankers are well aware that if they don't give out the money, the Jet board has recommended stopping operations
The stand-in Finance Minister may talk of a minuscule fiscal slippage or put a brave face and say the government would still meet its fiscal deficit targets.
The government's decision to recapitalise the ailing public sector banks without first fixing the management problems is a bad idea.
It is increasingly becoming clear that the idea of debt being safer than equity was illusory at best
Jet Airways was largely Naresh Goyal's entire life and he was known to be fairly parsimonious in his travels and business expenses
How Indian politicians realised that creating a more equal society was a bad idea and not conducive to winning elections