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Google updates its iOS YouTube app, the first update to one of its major iOS apps since December

iOS users can now access picture-in-picture (pip) mode while using the recent beta of iOS 14.5, according to9to5Google.

Akarsh Verma | February 14, 2021 | Updated 12:54 IST


  • Picture-in-picture feature comes in handy for multitasking people.
  • The feature was available on Android for quite some time, and has now been introduced to iOS.
  • Google denies trying to avoid Apple’s new privacy labels.

Google has provided a bug fix to its iOS YouTube app, the first update to a major Google iOS app since December, 9to5Googlereports. Although there's been speculation that the reason for the lack of updates to iOS versions of Gmail, Docs, Search, and Photos is an attempt to avoid Apple's new privacy labels, Google has explicitly denied that was the case.

The company said in a January 12th blog post it would add the labels to its apps when updates were available saying, "As Google's iOS apps are updated with new features or to fix bugs, you'll see updates to our app page listings that include the new App Privacy Details. These labels represent the maximum categories of data that could be collected—meaning if you use every available feature and service in the app. The data you provide to Google products delivers helpful services to you, and you can always control your privacy settings by visiting your Google Account or going directly to the Google products you use on iOS."

Apple's iOS 14 allows users to watch YouTube videos as well as use or host other sites Web / applications in a small format, a floating or movable window, simply by pressing the small icon at the top left of the screen. After a month, he's back. It has been reported that the recent change in Apple's system code has suppressed the procedure used by YouTube to remove the picture-in-picture function.

Apple requires companies to apply the privacy labels, which it launched on December 14th, before they can update existing iOS apps. Some of Google's other apps Stadia, Authenticator, Translate, and Classroom, for example have received iOS updates already.

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