Latest Norton Internet Security version lives up to its name

Latest Norton Internet Security version lives up to its name

Once installed, the latest version of Norton Internet Security creates a bar on the browser that comes in very handy for your daily surfing.

Norton Internet Security
Rs 1,399* (for one PC)
Rating: 5/5

Nandagopal Rajan
The latest version of Norton Internet Security really lives up to its good name as well as the threats of the times. Once installed, the software creates a bar on the browser, which though irritating for some of us, is very handy in your daily surfing .

While the bar tells you the security status of the website you are on, it also gives an OK tag for all links that appear in a search page. If the tag is red and not green, it is better not to go that side. Same with sites for which no security information is available.

Since a lot of us keep posting stuff on social networking sites, the Norton Internet Security bar offers a Share button too so that you do not end up sending unsafe links to your contacts.

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The bar also manages all your accounts so that you don't have to log in separately to other sites and remember their passwords. It will also alert you if you have opened a phishing link. You will, however, have to remember the Norton security vault password which will be your key to all these sites.

The dashboard has been created with Windows 8 in mind as this software is completely compatible with the new OS. So the menu is tile-based and easy to navigate. While it tells you your CPU performance real time, the software also lets you log in to the Norton account and manage all your security software at one place. The package also comes with 2GB of online backup so that you can save important files on the cloud.

With Norton Internet Security you can stop worrying about how you surf and what you do online. This one will work in the background to keep you safe, always.

*An earlier version of this story had incorrectly stated the price of the product as Rs 1,219.99. It has now been corrected to Rs 1,399.