Asus Vivobook Go 14 Review: Best laptop under Rs 50,000?
Updated : Mar 20, 2023

Asus Vivobook Go 14 Review: A balancing act?

The ASUS Vivobook Go 14 (E1404) is a mid-budget laptop that aims to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The pricing starts at Rs 42,990

OnePlus 11 5G review
Updated : Mar 15, 2023

OnePlus 11 5G review: A compelling flagship with a sprinkle of compromises

The OnePlus 11 5G offers almost everything one would anticipate from a high-end device- a curved glass back with a metal frame, the flagship-grade display, and a really fast chipset

Vivo V27 Pro
Updated : Mar 11, 2023

Vivo V27 Pro review: A sleek flagship killer?

With a starting price of Rs 37,999, is Vivo V27 Pro worth the investment? Here's our detailed review.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Updated : Mar 04, 2023

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is well worth the investment

With its strengths in display and camera, the Samsung Galaxy S23 offers a plethora of features that make it hard to fault.

Asus ExpertBook B7 professional laptop review
Updated : Feb 21, 2023

Asus ExpertBook B7 review: A 'flippable' choice for a flexible professional

One of the standout privacy features of the Asus Expertbook B7 is the built-in ASUS Private View. This feature allows you to keep your information confidential in open spaces.

Poco X5 Pro Review (image: Danny Dcruze/Business Today)
Updated : Feb 18, 2023

Poco X5 Pro Review: A powerhouse with a catch

The Poco X5 Pro features a 6.67" FHD+ Xfinity AMOLED display with a resolution of FHD+ and a max refresh rate of 120Hz adaptive (30/60/90/120Hz).

Dell Precision 3470 laptop review
Updated : Jan 24, 2023

Dell Precision 3470 Review: Precision in motion

The Dell Precision 3470 laptop we reviewed came with the 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1270P with 12 cores and 16 threads. The machine has a base frequency of 2.20 GHz and a maximum frequency of 4.8 GHz

The Apple iPad 10th gen is a tad bit more expensive than the 9th gen model, which Apple still retails.
Updated : Dec 12, 2022

Apple iPad 10th gen: With nifty upgrades, this tablet packs a punch

If you plan to buy an entry-level iPad, the 9th gen model with the 10.2-inch screen and lightning port is still a good buy. But if you are not stretched for budget, this 10th gen starting at Rs 45,900 should be on your list.

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen
Updated : Dec 09, 2022

Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen: The best earbuds around?

The new hardware brings improvement in the sound department as well. The buds sound better than the previous-gen AirPods Pro as they offer more clarity and bass across soundtracks

Apple says night-time wrist temperature is a good indicator of overall body temperature.
Updated : Dec 04, 2022

Long-Term Review:  Apple Watch Series 8 – The Best Gets Better

Focused on health and overall well-being, the Watch Series 8 monitors step count, workouts, heart rate, blood oxygen, and EKG, among others.

Should you go for Ather or Ola? Here's all you need to know
Updated : Nov 15, 2022

Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x Gen3: Which scooter to buy?

Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x Gen3: EV offerings from Ather and Ola are leading the market right now. But which one should you opt for? Here is the lowdown on everything EV.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Review
Updated : Oct 21, 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro Review: The best smartwatch for Android users

The watch is available only in a 45mm casing. It features an exceptionally bright 1.4-inch, 450-by-450-pixel AMOLED display in a Titanium body with Sapphire Crystal glass

Nikon Z30 Mirrorless Camera Review
Updated : Oct 19, 2022

Nikon Z30 Mirrorless Camera Review: A good mirrorless camera for beginners

The flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung are just perfect for uploading videos on social media and YouTube. But if you are a beginner and do not want to invest a huge sum of money right away, consider this Nikon Z30, designed especially for vlogging.

Google Pixel 7 Review: A new frontier with excellent camera, great performance and aggressive pricing
Updated : Oct 18, 2022

Google Pixel 7 Review: Excellent camera, great performance, aggressive pricing

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro is the best Android flagship around. But if you don’t wish to spend Rs 85,000, the trimmed-down version – Pixel 7 for Rs 59,999 isn’t a bad option.

The Pixel 7 Pro, with its refreshing design, stellar camera and superb performance, is one of the best Android smartphones in the market.
Updated : Oct 14, 2022

Is Google Pixel 7 Pro the best flagship Android smartphone?

Google Pixel 7 Pro: Pixel phones have always been about photography, and the Pixel 7 Pro lives up to the legacy. The blend of software and hardware on this flagship results in stunning shots, giving tough competition to the latest iPhones and Galaxy flagships.

Apple iPhone 14
Updated : Oct 10, 2022

Apple iPhone 14: Is it time to ditch your iPhone 13?

The big question here is whether to go for iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14. But the answer is simple. Read more to know.

Sony WH-1000XM5
Updated : Oct 04, 2022

The best wireless noise cancellation headphone around?

Sony’s WH-1000XM series is pretty famous for the noise cancellation it offers and has been the world's best. With the new XM5, Sony had raised the bar further.

The neatly designed Airwrap machine has intuitively located control sliders for heat and airflow on the main body.
Updated : Sep 12, 2022

A dandy hair styling tool from a vacuum cleaning company. Sounds bizarre? Check it out!

Dyson Airwrap review: For Rs 45,900, the price tag might appear to be on the higher side, but this is an impressive multi-functional styler that gives professional-looking hair in the comfort of your home.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
Updated : Sep 03, 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Review: Stylish foldable with top-notch performance

Samsung has democratised the foldable technology with the Flip series - mastered to the level that one can use it as a daily device without damaging the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review: An unbeatable foldable phone worth every penny
Updated : Sep 01, 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Review: An unbeatable foldable phone worth every penny

Samsung has continued with the same – 6.2-inch outer cover screen and 7.6-inch full screen when unfolded. Yet even the minutest changes to the design improved the user experience.

Vivo V25 Pro 5G: A camera-centric smartphone that is the best option for Rs 35,000 range
Updated : Aug 30, 2022

Vivo V25 Pro 5G: A camera-centric smartphone that is the best option for Rs 35,000 range

For Rs 35,990 there aren’t many good options available out there. But the Vivo V25 Pro fills the gap. It’s a good-looking, colour-changing, camera-centric smartphone with good imaging capabilities.