BGMI reminds players to transfer their PUBG Mobile data before December deadline

BGMI reminds players to transfer their PUBG Mobile data before December deadline

Battlegrounds Mobile India players who were previously playing PUBG Mobile can transfer their account data to the current game before December 31.

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  • Battlegrounds Mobile India has reminded players to complete PUBG Mobile data import before December 31.
  • Only Facebook and Twitter accounts will be supported for data transfer.
  • Players will need to have the Facebook app installed on Android phone for transfer.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is reminding its players to finish data transfers from PUBG Mobile before the deadline. Players have time until December to import their PUBG Mobile data, after which all their data from the global version will be lost. In case players need any help, Krafton has released a how-to on its website with proper instructions on what can be transferred and what cannot.

"In order to ensure a more smooth gameplay for players who had used PUBG Mobile Normdic Map: Livik ("Prior App") before, Battlegrounds Mobile India ("New App") will transfer some of the data from the Prior App account to the New App," said Krafton in a statement.

The last day for data transfers from PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: Livik is December 31, after which players' progress in the game will be lost. To proceed with data transfer, players have to keep in mind that only Facebook accounts can be used on Android phones. Since the game was released earlier this year, it does not support transfers via Google Play Games account. Android users have at least one way to go about data transfers, but iOS users may need to use Twitter.

To transfer your data, download BGMI on your Android phone or iPhone, and continue with the setup until you have created a character. After you are done with the character, a pop-up will appear on the screen asking you if you want to begin the data transfer. Clicking on "Yes" will take you to another prompt that asks about the account for import. Choose the account that you had previously used to sync your PUBG Mobile data. This could be Facebook or Twitter, so unless you have data saved on either platform, data transfer will not work.

Also, keep in mind that Krafton recently made it mandatory for Android users to have Facebook app installed on the phone for account linking. This will be applicable to data transfers, as well. For Twitter, web logins will work. After choosing the platform for data transfer, continue with the process by tapping "Agree". After the transfer is complete, you will be notified.

In case you are wondering what you can import and what you cannot, you can refer to Krafton's guidelines that you can either visit by clicking on the link in the pop-up message or by going to the company website.