Galaxy Unpacked 2022: No new watch, Samsung announces updates for Galaxy Watch 4

Galaxy Unpacked 2022: No new watch, Samsung announces updates for Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung announced that the Google Assistant is coming to the Galaxy Watch soon.

(Photo: Samsung) (Photo: Samsung)

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 last year, it rolled out with the WatchOS, that was co-developed with Google, instead of its Tizen OS. However, the smartwatch did not support Google Assistant, giving users the pretty dead Bixby support instead. Now, Samsung has announced some new updates for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at the Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday, one of which addresses the smart assistant issue.

As Samsung announced, Galaxy Watch 4 users will soon be able to use Google Assistant on the watch instead of Bixby and this feature is expected to come in soon. Besides this, Samsung has also added some interesting health-related features like sleep coaching.

Sleep coaching is supposed to do exactly what the name states, it is going to study your sleep patterns for a week and then assign a “sleep animal” to you which matches your sleep type.

The sleep types on the sleep coaching includes the Unconcerned Lion, the Sensitive Hedgehog, the Nervous Penguin, the Sun Averse Mole, the Cautious Deer, the Easygoing Walrus, the Alligator On The Hunt, and an Exhausted Shark.

Samsung has not explained what these sleep types mean or whether a new type will be assigned to users if their sleep pattern changes over time. The company explained that the sleep coaching feature is going to involve users filling out two surveys, along with sleep data being recorded. Post this, a four to five-week coaching program is going to kick off involving missions, checklists, sleep-related articles and information, guided meditation, and regular support notifications to guide users to get better sleep.

Smartwatches like Fitbit, and even Apple to a very basic degree, focus on sleep tracking already and offer features like wind-down options, reminders, etc. Samsung’s sleep coaching feature, in comparison, seems a tab bit elaborate and it remains to be seen how it works out.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is also getting body composition analysis insights via a third-party app called Centr (a subscription-based fitness service created by Chris Hemsworth). While the extra insights, over and above what the watch already offers, are going to be free, deeper guidance is going to cost extra. The Galaxy Watch 4’s body analysis sensor uses electrical bioimpedance to track boy fat levels, but there is very little to explain or guide users after an analysis is done.

The new software updates on the Galaxy Watch 4 brings in new coloured watch faces to match the new watch straps that include fabric and steel link options that all go on sale later this month.

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