‘A pertinent message’: Harsh Goenka shares heartwarming video on Twitter

‘A pertinent message’: Harsh Goenka shares heartwarming video on Twitter

RPG Enterprises boss Harsh Goenka has shared a heartwarming video on the importance of wearing masks.

RPG Enterprises boss Harsh Goenka RPG Enterprises boss Harsh Goenka

All of us have come across heartwarming videos on the Internet. But then there are videos that prompt you to rethink your perceptions about the issues surrounding you. RPG Enterprises boss Harsh Goenka has come across one such video on the Internet.

This one-and-a-half minute long video shared by Goenka shows a discussion between a general store owner and his wife on financial planning and savings. When the wife goes through the cupboard to find out the file containing details about their savings, the husband asks her what is the reason behind doing this all of a sudden.

The wife then says that Preeti has been facing several financial challenges since the latter’s husband passed away due to coronavirus and this is exactly why she wanted to know everything about their finances and savings. The husband rubbishes her doubts and says she is overthinking and that nothing will happen to him.

“How do I not think about it? You are also a shopkeeper like him and you sit at our shop without wearing a mask,” the wife replies. The video shared by Goenka ends with a message on wearing masks to prevent coronavirus. “Apne liye nahi to apnon ke liye to mask peheniye kyunki COVID ka khatra abhi tala nahi hai (Even if not for your safety, wear a mask for your family’s safety as COVID is still there).” This video ends with the husband masking up before going to the shop.

The business mogul shared this video with a caption, “A pertinent message that tugged my heart. Hope it affects you too…”

This, however, is not the first time that the RPG Enterprises chief has appealed to people to mask up. In a previous tweet, he shared the news he got from a Mumbai hospital he is associated with.

According to this tweet by Goenka, the hospital reported record lowest coronavirus cases since the last year but five days later, the same hospital has reported cases enough to fill up a COVID-19 ward and it is now expanding capacity to accommodate more patients. He then noted, “Omicron is here and spreading fast. Be careful. Stop partying. Wear masks. Get your vaccines.”

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Published on: Dec 29, 2021, 2:48 PM IST
Posted by: Mehak Agarwal, Dec 29, 2021, 2:41 PM IST