Budget Opinion

Budget 2022-23 appears to be an abridgement of the measures taken by the government to combat COVID induced slump and not a populist stimulus budget that usually one expects before the election cycle.

Unleashing the $5 trillion dream: A prudent budget for long-term growth

Feb 23, 2022

The success of India's growth story will be conditioned on how well the intent of the budget is executed.

The EV charging infrastructure in India has been a problem area in the urban centres.

Budget 2022 capable of bringing the e-mobility revolution in India

Feb 16, 2022

Understanding that sustainable mobility is the answer to these woes, the government has yet again announced a slew of initiatives for the EV and allied sector.

The government has clarified that trading in cryptocurrency is not illegal but cryptocurrency will never be recognised as legal tender.

Crypto Tax: What you need to know

Feb 10, 2022

It is clear that the Budget has disincentivised trading in cryptocurrency considering these investments are highly volatile.

Allocation of funds towards capital expenditure and infrastructure sector sets out a futuristic and inclusive vision for the nation over the next 25 years.

Budget 2022: Impact on financial services sector

Feb 10, 2022

The Budget seeks to introduce several measures to promote the financial markets, support development of the IFSC, promote public-private capital investments and ensure overall fiscal management.

SEZs, in India, are an important channel to promote the industry, infrastructure, employment generation and growth.

Budget 2022: Reforming SEZ Act would act as a booster dose

Feb 10, 2022

The proposed restructuring of SEZ laws would make SEZ an engine of economic growth and employment creation.

The Budget 2022 seeks to lay the foundation and give a blueprint to steer the economy over the coming years with an impetus for growth.

Budget 2022: Proposals for banking sector

Feb 07, 2022

The banking sector is an important component of the economy's growth engine which will play an important role in meeting budgetary objectives.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has proposed to gradually phase out the concessional rates in capital goods and project imports and instead apply a moderate tariff of 7.5%.

Government walks the tight rope with key indirect tax announcements

Feb 07, 2022

The government appears to have walked the tightrope by balancing growth support with fiscal consolidation in this year's Union Budget, bolstering and boosting 'Make in India' by taxing imports.

Caption-One of the key changes announced in the Budget proposals is the capping of the surcharge rate on long-term capital gains at 15% arising on transfer of any long-term capital assets.

Budget 2022: How the capping of LTCG surcharge at 15% will benefit taxpayers

Feb 07, 2022

By capping the surcharge rate at 15%, the benefit of a lower surcharge rate gets extended to all classes of financial assets.

In addition to the massive capital budget reserved for Indian industry, FM Sitharaman has also announced an R&D budget of approximately $1.24 billion, of which 25% will be earmarked for private industry, startups and academia.

Defence Budget 2022-23 - The catalyst for India's Atmanirbharta ambition

Feb 07, 2022

Through the earmarked domestic defence budget, the government has given much needed order certainty to the Indian private sector.

Union Budget 2022, has rightfully struck the balance of need of job creation and maintaining vibrancy in the economy.

FM Budget Mantra: Tax stability leads to buoyancy in revenue, impetus to growth

Feb 07, 2022

In the last couple of years, the government has been rationalising the rates of corporate tax, slashing them to 15% for new manufacturing entities, and 22% for all corporates.

To provide parity in tax rates to HNIs and UHNIs, on various classes of capital assets, the Budget has proposed to cap the surcharge at 15% for long-term capital gains arising from any kind of asset.

Benefit for UHNIs/HNIs in the fine print of Budget 2022

Feb 06, 2022

The surcharge on certain incomes such as dividends and capital gains arising from the on-market sale of equity shares and certain other securities is already capped at 15%.

The greater scope of private sector participation in nation-building is a welcome move and will go a long way in ensuring quality in future infrastructure development.

Budget 2022: How the capex push through infrastructure is likely to play out

Feb 06, 2022

This macroeconomic growth coupled with the microeconomic focus on welfare will most certainly put the Indian economy on track to a resilient, sustained and holistic development.

As per the proposed regime, the income arising from the transfer of virtual digital assets is proposed to be taxed at a flat rate of 30%.

Budget 2022: Steep tax levies on digital assets, but hopes of legitimisation

Feb 06, 2022

The fate of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in India continues to be a grey area, at least till the government comes up with a proper regulatory regime.

Union Budget 2022 demonstrates the government's clear intent to touch every aspect of the economy and to leave no stone unturned.

Key income tax proposals of Finance Bill 2022

Feb 06, 2022

Various stakeholder discussions will take place in the next few weeks, and one will have to see what transpires into the Finance Act, 2022.

Additional restrictions have been introduced for availing Input Tax Credit ('ITC') in certain circumstances, which would require a detailed analysis of the supply chain by the oil and gas companies.

Budget 2022: Govt focus on energy transition and clean energy

Feb 06, 2022

The Budget 2022 is growth-oriented with focus on 'Make in India' or 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' by rationalising custom duty exemptions and procedures and incentivising new manufacturing companies and startups.

Overall, the budget continues to provide much-needed support to MSMEs to facilitate their access to funds and the market.

Budget 2022: MSME and startup ecosystem to fuel India@100

Feb 06, 2022

Budget 2022 provides a foundation for the 'Amrit Kaal' or the 25 years lead up to India @ 100 years of Independence and reiterates the government's commitment towards strong MSMEs and the startup ecosystem.

The financial support for the digital payment ecosystem announced in the previous Budget continues in 2022-23, encouraging the adoption of digital payments.

Budget 2022: A booster for the digital economy

Feb 06, 2022

Promoting digital economy, fintech and technology-enabled development is one of the primary goals of the government to attain the "Amrit Kaal" vision of India@100.

To promote R&D in certain sunrise opportunities, which includes pharmaceuticals, government contribution is proposed to be provided.

Budget 2022: More misses than hits for pharma, life sciences sector?

Feb 05, 2022

Many long-standing asks of the sector have not been addressed, including incentivising research and development and creating healthcare infrastructure.

The budget very aptly provides the ecosystem for sectoral growth with multiple mainstream and allied sector interventions.

Budget 2022: Key takeaways for power & utilities sector

Feb 04, 2022

The budget 2022-23 provides a consistent and balanced intervention to promote the long-term growth and sustainability of energy goals.

For the retail sector, reeling under the pandemic, the budget, unfortunately, has very little direct support to offer.

Budget 2022: Key takeaways for consumer product and retail sector

Feb 04, 2022

Overall, the budget is modern and futuristic but a few initiatives to spur short term consumption would have uplifted the sentiment and benefit the consumer and retail sector.

Amid the pandemic, the government had to undertake a balancing act of containing the fiscal deficit, generating sufficient revenues for meeting its social obligations

Budget 2022: A holistic approach to tackle economic growth

Feb 04, 2022

Union Budget 2022 demonstrates the government’s clear intent to touch every aspect of the economy and to leave no stone unturned – be it digital economy push be it an infrastructure boost or be it the energy sector.