NFT artist, Teresa Melvin (13) is the creator of AvaRamona

This 13-year-old, originally from Kerala, has minted over 100 NFTs in 3 years

Sep 24, 2022

Meet Teresa Melvin, the 13-year-old digital artist from Kerala, India who has minted 100 NFTs, created two characters on the blockchain, and is now all set to launch AvaRamona, a whole new series of NFTs and merchandise.

David Gower told Business Today that he is working on an NFT series

BT EXCLUSIVE: Ex-England cricket team captain David Gower to launch NFT series with an Indian techie, plans on roping in Viv Richards

Sep 14, 2022

Gower believes that NFTs are a great medium to cherish moments from the sport’s history. He said, “I think there is great potential to look at epic moments from way back.” He further added, “Remember that history is longer than a week. There is so much that we remember fondly.”