This NFT artist from Indore has made it to the Picasso Museum, Barcelona

This NFT artist from Indore has made it to the Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Self-taught artist Swarnali Singh (39) has made a mark for herself in the NFT space with her droopy-eyed women characters from everyday life. Today her digital artwork, a head of Picasso, is on display as part of a Surrealism exhibition in Barcelona.

Pablo Picasso by Swarnali Singh Pablo Picasso by Swarnali Singh

In 2020, when Indore-based NFT artist, Swarnali Singh (39) forayed into the world of digital art, her dominant theme was the everyday life of the Indian woman. Singh’s theme and style easily helped her carve a niche in the NFT space that was getting crowded quickly. Her characters became a range of vivid faces with large, liquid eyes. Her artistic style matured over the last few years in the digital world of NFTs and Web 3 platforms.

Her signature style has now helped her join the global art collective. At an ongoing exhibition at the Picasso Museum, in Barcelona, Singh's rendering of Picasso, a caricature created with her signature style has found place among other global contributors as part of an experiential art fest. 

Art from top to bottom by Swarnali, Roger Haus and Lázaro. Image credits: Exquisite Workers

“There was a call from the artistic platform - Exquisite Workers to co-create on Web 3 collaboration platform - I responded to the call and my artwork was selected. It has been adapted and today is part of a Surrealism show at the Picasso Museum,” Swarnali Singh told Business Today.

Barcelona Museum in collaboration with the Barcelona Dibuixa art festival has dedicated the year 2022 to hugs to celebrate spontaneity and physical contact in human relationships and has dedicated some 40 workshops around the city to the affectionate gesture of the hug. The interactive exhibition by Exquisite Workers is a part of this festival. 


Singh’s contribution to the figure of the Spanish artist on display is the head. The installation has been made as an assembly of cubes and mimics Picasso's cubist art form. Singh’s digital art has been adapted to six sides of the cube. Singh’s work has been combined with the artwork of Roger Haus and Lázaro by exquisite Workers to create the assembled Picasso figure.

“The artworks have been combined as a 3D installation for the visitors to be able to touch and feel and experience,” Singh said. Exquisite Workers opened the exhibition to a global audience via Instagram live on Sunday. 

Singh has so far minted 15 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Will she now mint the Picasso head?

“I’m not sure whether I will mint the Picasso, but certainly it will remain my most important work so far,” Singh said.

Who are Exquisite Workers?

Exquisite Workers is an artist collective and has been dominantly active in the Instagram space to help artists collaborate. Exquisite Workers creates a timeless “Exquisite Corpse” game. The exercise of “Exquisite Corpse” consists of drawing sections of a body taking turns and then concealing each contribution, starting from the head, then passing to a torso, and so on, without knowing what the previous part looked like.

This is how Surrealists did it a century ago by using sheets of paper to leave marks on the border of images before passing them to the next player. Exquisite Workers does this by using the Instagram grid as a reference and unifying the pieces by the colour palette selected by an invited artist each month. In October, it is black and white.

Published on: Oct 23, 2022, 6:12 PM IST
Posted by: Sharmila Bhowmick, Oct 23, 2022, 5:34 PM IST