Revolutionising National Infrastructure Through Social Innovation, Building India 2.0

Revolutionising National Infrastructure Through Social Innovation, Building India 2.0

With a proven track record and an unparalleled installed base, Hitachi has also balanced the social, environmental and economic values of the country.

5G, IoT, ML, AI, and hybrid cloud will transform India’s infrastructure 5G, IoT, ML, AI, and hybrid cloud will transform India’s infrastructure

India has confronted and succeeded in more than its fair share of the challenges the world has been thrust into. It has come around with equal conviction and more strength and is progressing rapidly as a more sustainable, social innovation-driven technological powerhouse to lead the world into a better future.

According to a global consulting firm, technologies like 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and hybrid cloud will transform India’s infrastructure. The government is aligned in creating intelligent infrastructure and has made private-public partnerships the cornerstone of this drive. Hitachi India is one of the integral partners in achieving this ambitious milestone by ‘Powering good’ an assimilated society, a rural Bharat and an urban India, and partnering with the government’s future roadmap for India 2.0.

“We’re at the cusp of a new world where India plays the definitive role. The country’s mission for building a resilient future, and Hitachi, a dominant partner, is an integral part of this journey and we’re overwhelmed with the collaborative roadmap that has been aimed at building an undisputed India across varied business verticals. It is about “Powering good” and assimilating India’s rural aspirations with the urban desire through a Connected Citizen Ecosystem, demonstrating responsibilities of sustainability towards citizens and the world. It is about steering India to the future, making it more of a global brand and destination for world business.

At Hitachi, our relentless effort is towards shaping ideas, innovation and technology that can support build India 2.0.

Mr Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India


Hitachi is extending its core philosophy of ‘Powering good’ and strengthening India as a financially inclusive nation. Citizen empowerment on handling cash and transacting digitally has been one of the missions for which Hitachi has leveraged its credible and advanced OTxIT solutions to bring financial equanimity robustly. Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi Group Company, which is offering cutting-edge cash and digital payment solutions, has made Hitachi Payment Services, one of the foundations of collaborations with the government in this empowerment mission.


India, aspiring to be the third-largest economy in less than a decade has made undaunted commitments of how it intends to arrive on the world stage. In line with the astounding modernisation the country has spearheaded, the energy sector is playing a vital role in raising efficiency, drastically reducing carbon footprint, and enhancing the Environmental values of the citizens and society at large.

Hitachi Energy has been actively contributing to India’s electrification program. As a key stakeholder in nation-building, the company has been successfully serving customers including utility, industry, and infrastructure across the value chain and in emerging areas like sustainable mobility, smart cities, energy storage and data centers. With a proven track record, global footprint, and unparalleled installed base, it has also balanced the Social, Environmental and Economic values of the country.



For rapidly progressing India, building world-class national mobility networks of the future has been both visionary, non-negotiable, and ceaseless. Hitachi has made a significant impact on the Government’s efforts to modernise railways and to provide a better commuting experience to the citizens. Hitachi Rail has future-aligned railway solutions that incorporate high-performance rolling stocks to advance signalling systems. It has also put the Government’s ambitious Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFCs) on the fast track. In 2019, Hitachi was awarded the Project of Mumbai Metro Line 2&7 for the supply of Propulsion System, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS), and Train Control Management System (TCMS). In a nutshell, Hitachi’s smart mobility technologies are contributing towards India’s transport ecosystem across metro cities and tier 1 & 2 towns while solving the country’s growing infrastructure challenges.


A new Indian society is rising, fast assimilating its agrarian economy into India, an uberised, middle-class urban landscape. Hitachi MGRM Net with a fine blend of technology and value systems is driving a large part of this rural-urban conjoining. It is marketing and implementing state-of-the-art e-Governance systems and services which are based on unique proprietary technologies developed through years of research. The distinctive M-Star™ and M-Gov and developed on the patented concepts of Delivery to Development and Multi-Completeness Solutions, Hitachi has deployed these transformational tools to address the citizen life cycle.

Hitachi MGRM Net is partnering with the government towards digitally transforming the society and ‘Powering good’, by co-creating solutions that enhance the Social, Environmental and Economic values of the society. M-Star™ learning Support Platform, a revolutionary, collaborative method of learning at the doorstep, is another social innovation Hitachi has brought about in the country for citizen service.


India’s flagship programme “Digital India” has enabled the country to set many global benchmarks, such as one of the world’s largest biometric-based digital identity Aadhaar and the largest digital democracy platform myGOV. Hitachi Systems India Pvt. Ltd, a Hitachi Group Company and pioneer in systems integration, is delivering the large infrastructural, social, and institutional solutions behind such transformational breakthroughs. The underlying philosophy: bring ‘people-centric innovations’ by putting the customer at the core of a business strategy. It has, for instance, facilitated technology-driven digital banking initiatives by leveraging private cloud technology “Meghdoot” and developing a data lake concept.


Finance, mobility, energy, governance, and citizen life cycle together contribute towards the growth of an economy and gives rise to a welfare state that are all interconnected by the advent of social innovation fuelled by technology. With contribution in all these areas from the realm of future technology and social innovation business concepts, Hitachi is not only partnering with India for its future journey but also transcending its vibrant society into the path of progress on a higher plane. What Hitachi is building today is becoming significant for India tomorrow. A new nation is rising on more world-class solutions that are serving globally and making India a global brand.

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