Uber launches 'Quiet Mode' to avoid conversations with chatty drivers

Uber launches 'Quiet Mode' to avoid conversations with chatty drivers

Two other features rolled out apart from the Quiet Mode is the bags and temperature control options.

Uber Quiet Mode Uber Quiet Mode

After a long and tiring day, when you just want to go home and crash, a chatty Uber driver could just be the most unwelcome ending to the day. To help unsuspecting customers out of such situations, Uber has come up with its most-requested feature, the 'Quiet Mode'. However, this feature is being rolled out in the US first and only for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.

Customers can opt for the "quiet preferred", "happy to chat" or "no preference" options. The premium ridership might see an uptick as people who desire a quiet trip or to take a nap might opt for the same more frequently.

Quiet Mode is not the only new feature in the app. A new slate of Rider Preferences features has been rolled out for users availing an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV. However, users must set their preferences before hailing the cab and not once in the car.

One other feature is the bags option that lets the rider signal to the driver that they have luggage, so that the driver can pull over in an area where they can load the bags. Then there is also the temperature control option that lets the driver know if the car needs to be warm or cold.

Uber Black drivers are also supposed to wait 15 minutes now after arriving before cancelling the ride.

Uber Product Manager Aydin Ghajar tells TechCrunch, "We're looking to create more differentiation between the premium products and the regular products to encourage more trips."

In its recent IPO, which was one of the biggest in the US in the last five years, Uber witnessed a rather miserable debut. The company ended its day with its shares falling as much as 8.8% from its offer price of $45 a piece on the NYSE. The stock ended the day at $41.57 down 7.6%, joining a small list of major IPOs that ended their first day in the red. As per DealLogic, Uber's weak debut made it the ninth worst first-day performer of all time with a valuation of $69.71 billion.

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