Article 370 revoked Updates: Jammu & Kashmir is now a Union Territory, Lok Sabha passes bifurcation bill

Article 370 revoked Updates: Jammu & Kashmir is now a Union Territory, Lok Sabha passes bifurcation bill

Jammu & Kashmir crisis: I assure the people of the nation and especially residents of Kashmir Valley that we will not hesitate in granting statehood to the new union territories once normalcy returns, says Amit Shah

Jammu & Kashmir crisis: The J&K Reorganisation Bill is being discussed in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday Jammu & Kashmir crisis: The J&K Reorganisation Bill is being discussed in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday

J&K Reorganisation Bill was passed after intense debate in the Lok Sabha on Monday. A total of 351 lawmakers voted in favour of the motion, whereas 72 MPs opposed the proposal. Now, the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be bifurcated into two union territories - Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. The former will have a legislature, whereas the latter will not. This will also revoke Artcile 370 which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Responding to the debate in Lok Sabha, Home Minister Amit Shah said that revoking Article 370 is necessary as it undermines the parliament of India. "The law of the nation does not reach Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan uses this to instigate separatism in the hearts of people there," says Amit Shah.

Earlier today, the opposition erupted in protested when Home Minister Amit Shah moved the resolution to revoke Article 370 from the Indian Constitution in Lok Sabha. Congress Member of Parliament Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said BJP had violated all rules to convert a state into a union territory overnight, and that Kashmir was not an internal issue of India. Amit Shah replied to him, saying no one could stop the government from formulating new laws and provisions in Jammu and Kashmir. He also asked the Congress party to clarify its official position on the matter. "Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of Union of India. Kashmir ki seema mein PoK bhi aata hai...Jaan de denge iske liye! (PoK also comes in when we talk about Kashmir, we will give life for it)," the Home Minister said.

DMK MP TR Baalu termed the BJP government's revocation of Article 370, without the consent of the principal stakeholders, an "undeclared Emergency". Congress leader Manish Tewari said in India's 70 years of history after Independence, it saw demands for union territories to be converted into states but this was probably the first time that a state had been converted into UT. Home Minister Amit Shah, however, said these two statutory resolutions -- a resolution to revoke Article 370 and the J&K Reorganisation Bill -- will be written in India's history in golden words. Meanwhile, Section 144 remains imposed in the state since Monday morning. Both People's Democratic Party chief Mehbooba Mufti and National Conference chief Omar Abdullah remain in makeshift jails. No incidents of violence have been reported from the Valley.

Here are all the latest updates on the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

8:50 PM: PM Modi tweeted: "I salute my sisters and brothers of Jammu, Kashmir  and Ladakh for their courage and resilience. For years, vested interest groups who believed in emotional blackmail never cared for people's empowerment. J&K is now free from their shackles. A new dawn, better tomorrow awaits!"

"Special congratulations to the people of Ladakh! It is a matter of great joy that their long-standing demand of being declared a Union Territory has been fulfilled. This decision will give impetus to the overall prosperity of the region and ensure better developmental facilities," the PM said in another tweet.

8:47 PM: "In Parliament, political parties rose to the occasion, overcame ideological differences and took part in a rich debate that increased the pride of our Parliamentary democracy. For that, I congratulate all MPs, various political parties and their leaders," PM Modi said in a tweet.

8:44 PM: PM Narendra Modi congratulated the bills related to Jammu and Kashmir passed in both Houses of the parliament will ensure integration and empowerment.

"The Bills pertaining to Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh will ensure integration and empowerment. These steps will bring the youth into the mainstream and give them innumerable opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. Local infrastructure will significantly improve," PM MOdi said in a tweet.

In another tweet, PM Modi said: "Together we are, together we shall rise and together we will fulfil the dreams of 130 crore Indians! A momentous occasion in our Parliamentary democracy, where landmark bills pertaining to Jammu and Kashmir have been passed with overwhelming support!"

7:04 PM: Lok Sabha approves bill to bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir. 351 MPs voted in favour of the motion, whereas 72 MPs were against the bill.

6:56 PM: "Earlier Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by three families, but today 40,000 panch-sarpanch are drawing the framework for development of their villages. Modi government has sent Rs 3,500 crore directly to them via RTGS," says Amit Shah.

6:55 PM: "Supriya Sule asked what would happen to Jammu & Kashmir's environment and beauty. There're laws for environment in the nation and they'll be implemented there as soon as Article 370 is revoked. Jammu & Kashmir was heaven on earth, it is heaven on the earth and it'll always remain so," says Amit Shah.

6:52 PM: "The children of Jammu and Kashmir cannot benefit from the Right to Education. Teachers are not trained. All of this is due to Article 370," says Amit Shah.

6:50 PM: "41,000 people have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir since 1989. Do we still want to walk the same path? We have walked the same path for 70 years, shouldn't we change our ways now?", says Amit Shah.

6:48 PM: "How can Article 370 be a communal agenda? Minority commissions could not be formed in the state. This is due to Article 370," says Amit Shah.

6:43PM: "We do not wish to talk to Hurriyat. People of the Valley are our own. We will keep them close, entire India will love them. We will initiate discussions if they have any objections, we don;t have any problems," says Amit Shah.

6:42 PM: "Asaduddin Owaisi said we're going to commit a historical mistake. We are not going to commit a historical mistake, we are going to correct one. After 5 years, seeing development in J&K under leadership of PM Modi, people of valley will understand drawbacks of Article 370," says Amit Shah.

6:39 PM: "Problems of various states have been included in Article 371. It cannot be compared to Article 370. We are not going to abrogate it," says Amit Shah.

6:37 PM: "We have deployed security forces in Jammu and Kashmir so that nobody can disturb law and order," says Amit Shah

6:35 PM: 'Article 370 has to be revoked because it undermines the Parliament of India. The law of the nation does not reach Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan uses this to instigate separatism in the hearts of people there," says Amit Shah.

6:20 PM: "When India-Pakistan agreed to UN monitoring, they were not allowed to cross the international border. UN's proposal became null and void after Pakistan violated the border in 1965," says Home Minister Amit Shah.

6.11 PM: "Who took Kashmir to the United Nations, it was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. History will decide if this decision (to revoke 370) is right or not, but whenever it will be discussed, PM Narendra Modi will be remembered by the people," said Amit Shah.

6.10 PM: Ravi Shankar Prasad in Lok Sabha: Today the people from the opposition who are talking about Article370, did they speak when Human Rights were being violated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir? Even today Human Rights are violated in PoK. These are bigger questions.

6.09 PM: BJP MPs gave standing ovation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

6.00 PM: RS Prasad in Lok Sabha: Mr Shashi Tharoor, you talked diligently on legislative despotism or something like that. Oh alright, I can't speak English of that caliber, I know my limitations. But I remember a very famous cartoon when emergency was imposed. The Honourable President was having a bath and he said at least spare me to take my bath, don't bring ordinance at this moment (in the cartoon), we didn't do anything like that. You imposed emergency at first, then told the cabinet.

5.55 PM: Ajit Doval,  National Security Advisor,  met Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik at the Raj Bhavan in Srinagar today.

5.50 PM: "The reorganisation of states is not a unique incident in history of independent India and that it was mainly aimed at reducing regional disparity and improving efficiency. It is an internal matter as stipulated by the Indian Constitution," Dr Ahmad Al Banna, UAE ambassador to India.

5.45 PM: "UAE has taken note of the Indian government's decision of non-operationalisation of some sections of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution related to the state of Jammu and Kashmir," says Dr Ahmad Al Banna, the UAE ambassador to India.

5.35 PM: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan at the Joint Session of Parliament: We will take the case of Kashmir to the United Nations & apprise the International community of the treatment of minorities in India under the racist ideology of the BJP.

5.20 PM: Asaduddin Owaisi in Lok Sabha: What will happen on Eid? Eid is on Monday. Are you assuming that Kashmiris instead of sacrificing lamb should sacrifice themselves? If you want that I'm sure they'll do that, they've been doing that.

5.10 PM: Pakistan's army chief said on Tuesday the country's military will "go to any extent" to support people in the contested Kashmir region, after arch rival India revoked special status in its portion of the territory. "Pakistan Army firmly stands by the Kashmiris in their just struggle to the very end," said General Qamar Javed Bajwa after meeting with top commanders in Rawalpindi.

"We are prepared and shall go to any extent to fulfil our obligations in this regard," he added, without elaborating further.


5.05 PM: Asaduddin Owaisi in Lok Sabha: I stand to oppose the bill. Definitely BJP has lived up to electoral promise in their manifesto, but you have not lived up to your constitutional duties. You've indulged in breach of a constitutional promise.

4.55 PM: High Commissioner designate of Pakistan to India is already in Pakistan, he is to take charge on 16th August. However, Acting High Commissioner to India can be called back for Consultations: Pakistan media

4.44 PM: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, "We all remember the last time PM unleashed a decision to the nation which was also initially applauded for his decisiveness, just like today and that was the disaster of demonetisation. Nation is still dealing with devastating consequences of that action."

4.40 PM: "Because we're in Opposition, people expect us to oppose. But in my opinion, the decision to revoke Article 370, that was anyway temporary and had to be revoked, is the right decision," said Congress leader Ranjeet Ranjan.

4.35 PM: "I'm saying it for the 4th time, and I've patience to say it for the 10th time -- Farooq Abdullah has neither been detained nor arrested. If he isn't well, doctors will take him to hospital. House shouldn't worry. If he wasn't well, he would not have come out," said Amit Shah in Lok Sabha.

4.30 PM: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan mulls recalling Pakistan High Commissioner to India from the country.

4.27 PM: "The people of the state had trusted on the parliament and people of this largest democracy more than any political structure at the time of accession but it was clear now that the accession itself was a mistake. With scrapping of the only provision that connected Jammu and Kashmir with Union of India the BJP has destroyed the bridge itself", said PDP spokesperson adding that act of aggression and backstabbing will have its consequences.

4.27 PM: "The entire Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into an open prison and people have been caged for allowing the Government of India to steel whatever was left of constitutional guarantees made to them at the time of accession", said PDP party spokesperson and former legislator Firdous Tak said in a statement.

4.25 PM: Telugu Desam Party MP Jayadev Galla in Lok Sabha: "Our leader Chandrababu Naidu and our party support the proposed reorganisation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir... Complete integration of J&K into India will be one nation with one flag and one constitution."

4.20 PM: "As soon as the gate will open and our people will be out, we will fight, we'll go to the court. We're not gun-runners, grenade-throwers, stone-throwers, we believe in peaceful resolutions. They want to murder us. My son (Omar Abdullah) is in jail," said Farooq Abdullah.

4.15 PM: Home Ministry is lying: Farooq Abdullah

4.10 PM: Farooq Abdullah, National Conference said, "Why would I stay inside my house on my own will when my state is being burnt, when my people are being executed in jails? This is not the India I believe in."

4.05 PM: Gilgit-Baltistan Activist Senge H Sering: We ask for representation in legislative bodies of India. Reserved seats in the newly-formed Union Territories should have representation from Gilgit-Baltistan. We should have representation in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

4.02 PM: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, "Why we think it is indeed a black day? Because two former J&K CMs Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are under arrest and the whereabouts of our own colleague Farooq Abdullah are still unclear. We still want to know where he is."

3.25 PM: "You divided state (J&K),I don't know why. A lot was talked about Andhra. I was here when it was debated. Two wrongs don't make a right. Just because something went wrong that time, doesn't mean you need to make the same mistake. What's the difference between this and that govt? You are dividing the state, my only question is when will you have elections which are fair and transparent? Why does Ladakh not have an Assembly?," asked Supriya Sule of NCP.

3.15 PM: "We are with the country. But now my question is about the status of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Government should answer this," said Akhilesh Yadav at the Lok Sabha.

3.10 PM: "Any move that seeks to strengthen the integrity of India is to be welcomed. But in a democracy decisions must be made by consensus, not by threat, force or fear. All parties should be part of talks and due process. Nothing should be unilateral for that only leads to more strife," Akhilesh Yadav had said after the announcement.

3.02PM: Samajwadi Party's Akhilesh Yadav sought clarity from the Home Minister on the Kashmir issue.

2.55 PM: Supriya Sule, NCP MP says "I sit on seat 462, Farooq Abdullah sits on seat 461. He's elected from J&K, we can't hear him today.This debate will be incomplete if you ask me. HM says,"Farooq Abdullah has neither been detained nor arrested. He's at his home,out of his own free will."

2.53 PM: Home Minister Amit Shah on Farooq Abdullah

"Farooq Abdullah hasn't been detained or arrested. He is at home on his will," Amit Shah said during a debate in the Lok Sabha.

2.09 PM: BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy on Article 370

"Congi (the Congress party) has showed its true anti-national character by trying to internationalise Article 370 removal. Best answer is tell UNSC that Nehru's Petition is illegal and withdraw it."

2.08 PM: "Now NaMo (Narendra Mod) government must withdraw the Petition filed by Nehru in the UNSC seeking UN intervention in Kashmir. The Petition was filed without Cabinet approval hence illegal," says Subramanian Swamy.

1.12 PM: TMC's Sudip Bandhyopadhyay questions the arrests of Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Ahdullah. "If we take part in the voting [of the Bill], whether we vote in favour or against, we'll become party to it. So, we will walk out," he says.

1.05 PM: As fear of unrest deepened in the Kashmir valley after the revocation of Article 370, thousands of migrant workers in the Kashmir valley are making a quick exit, India Today reported.

12.49 PM: Rahul Gandhi on Article 370

"National integration isn't furthered by unilaterally tearing apart J&K, imprisoning elected representatives and violating our Constitution. This nation is made by its people, not plots of land. This abuse of executive power has grave implications for our national security."

12.12 PM: Manish Tewari in the Lok Sabha: "In last 70 years, several times we saw demands that union territories be converted into states but this is probably the first time in history that a state has been converted into union territory. There cannot be a bigger blow to federal structure than this."

12.11 PM: Congress Manish Tewari in the Lok Sabha: "Indian Constitution does not have only Article 370. It also has Article 371 A to I. They provide special rights to Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Andhra, Sikkim, etc. Today when you're scrapping Article 370, what message are you sending to these states?" By imposing President's rule in the north eastern states, and using the rights of their Assemblies in the Parliament, you can scrap Article 371 too? What kind of Constitutional Precedent are you setting in the country?

11.34 AM: Amit Shah says he hopes these "two statutory resolutions and the J&K Re-organisation bill are written in our history in golden words."

11.31 AM: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Congress, in Lok Sabha: "You say that it is an internal matter. But it is being monitored since 1948 by the UN, is that an internal matter? We signed Shimla Agreement & Lahore Declaration, what that an internal matter or bilateral?"

11.25 AM: Amit Shah says no one can stop us from bringing new laws and provisions in Jammu and Kashmir.

11.24 AM: Home minister Amit Shah says when I say J&K, I also mean Pakistan occupied Kashmir. 'Jaan de denge Kashmir ke lie (we are ready to give life for the integration of Kashmir).

11.20 AM: Union Home Minister Amit Shah moves the resolution to revoke Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, in Lok Sabha; the bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Monday.

11.17 AM: Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi also present in the Lok Sabha as Home Minister Amit Shah speaks on revocation of Article 370.

11.12 AM: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Congress, in Lok Sabha: "You (the Centre) violated all rules and converted a state into a Union Territory overnight."

11.09 AM: Union Home Minister Amit Shah takes up the J&K Reorganisation Bill in the Lok Sabha and the resolution to scrap Article 370 of Constitution.

11.10 AM: Congress outfoxed on Kashmir: Abhishek Manu Singhvi

"We have been politically outwitted as we are among four or five parties alone that have opposed it. I wouldn't say we didn't know about it because I think everybody in our party, from Ghulam Nabi Azad to P Chidambaram, have been talking about it for the last one week. It was the closest to an open secret, but obviously one could not be sure. But yes we are now in a very small number of parties which argued and opposed and voted against it, but a democracy is a democracy... you have to go by the numbers," Senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi tells NDTV.

11.01 AM: 'Trump's offer didn't influence Modi govt's decision'

"No external factors influenced PM Modi-Amit Shah's decision to revoke Art 370. It was not done because Trump wanted to mediate in solving Kashmir issue. India has made its stand clear that it is a bilateral issue. Our leaders are not influenced by any external factors," BJP leader Ram Madhav on the rumour that Donald Trump's offer to mediate may have influenced Modi govt's decision, reports India Today.

10.59 AM: PM Narendra Modi is holding a meeting with Union ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, JP Nadda and Prahlad Joshi in Parliament to discuss the situation in J&K.

10.52 AM: Home Minister Amit Shah on Article 370

"The government of India sent Rs 2,77,000 crore from 2004 to 2019 for the development of Jammu and Kashmir and its citizens. But there was no development due to corruption".

10.47 AM: The situation in the valley continues to be tense and uncertain amid this big development.

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10.45 AM: Congress leader Sanjay Jha the BJP government's decision to revoke Article 370: "A troubled history. A sensitive zone. Millions of hopes, aspirations and emotions embroiled over decades. Death, loss, anguish, pain, suffering. And hopes. Elections. Faith. Democracy."

10.43 AM: Congress leader Shashi Tharoor slams the BJP: "In the latest episode of BJP's continuing drama series "Flagrant Violations of Parliamentary Procedure", we were treated to the extraordinary & unseemly spectacle of the Lok Sabha "accepting", by vociferous voice vote & over Oppn protests, a Bill it had not seen & had not been given!"

10.15 AM: Government sources on the situation in Jammu & Kashmir post-revocation of Article 370: "There is peace and normalcy in J&K."

10.06 am: A meeting of Lok Sabha MPs of Congress party, chaired by Sonia Gandhi, will be held at 10:30 am today in Parliament. Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting will also hold a meeting over J&K issue today.

10.00 AM: Voice of Karachi, Chairman, Nadeem Nusrat in Washington DC, USA: "While Pakistan demands right to a referendum in Kashmir, is it willing to grant the same right to its own disgruntled ethnic minorities?" -- ANI

9.45 AM: Voice of Karachi's Nadeem Nusrat has called for the creation of autonomous 'Greater Karachi' within Pakistan, says,"Until Pak gives same rights it's demanding for Kashmiris to its own Mohajirs, Baloch, Pashtuns & Hazaras citizens, it has no moral right to speak on behalf of Kashmiris."

9.26 AM: Union Home Minister Amit Shah to move The Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Bill 2019, The Jammu & Kashmir Reservation (Second Amendment) Bill 2019 and the resolution revoking Article 370 from J&K, in Lok Sabha today.

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9.23 AM: Security forces deployed in Srinagar; some visuals.

8.59 AM: US State Dept Spokesperson in its statement said it's concerned about reports of detentions and urged "respect for individual rights and discussion with those in affected communities".

8.45 AM: People of Ladakh celebrate after the Centre's announcement to make it a Union Territory without legislature.


8.30 AM: In its first reaction after the historical decision on J&K, the United States has given a measured response. "We are closely following the events in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We take note of India's announcement revising the constitutional status of Jammu and Kashmir," US spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said.