This Noida-based startup is bringing American-style food trucks to India

This Noida-based startup is bringing American-style food trucks to India

Greater Noida-based Azimuth has taken the humble food truck to next level design, inspired by American company Airstream. 

Azimuth's latest capsule van Azimuth's latest capsule van

Food trucks in India could well be ready for a shape-shift and turn sleek and shiny. 

Azimuth Business On Wheels, a company that fabricates food trucks, has for the first time brought in a capsule-shaped food truck inspired by Airstream. The first one is all set to be shipped to the company’s Qatar-based client.  

The food trailer which is all of 20 ft is shaped like a capsule and is entirely made of steel. The interior has a fully functional professional kitchen. While food trucks have been around in India for some time, with the arrival of the capsule design, they are likely to soon get stylish by several notches. 

Interiors of an Azimuth 'kitchen on wheels'

Puneet Anand, Founder and Director, Azimuth told Business Today, “We have done this for our overseas client in Qatar. While we have been customizing food trucks and trailers for some time since 2016. This is the first ever 20 ft long capsule we have made, which is also the first of its kind in India.” 

While Azimuth’s main workshop is located in Greater Noida, it has another one in Tamil Nadu, and the third one in Goa. The company counts among its clients – Taj Qmin, Haldirams, Starbucks, 24Seven, Chaipoint, Rebel foods, Nestle, and others.  

“We are soon opening new workshops in Pune and other cities, there is a great possibility around the food truck. Besides food outlets, trucks are now also popular for product promotion and many cosmetic companies also buy them for road shows and events. The cost of the capsule is Rs 20 lakh. ”  

The truck exterior is built of steel. The interior consists of burners, a griddle, fryers, combi-ovens and even an exhaust fan, water system, fire extinguisher, double sink flexible faucets, chillers, and freezers, table top cold display and ice maker, worktops, service counter, under chassis lights, profile light, floor lights, led ceiling lights.  

The kitchen has everything a chef may need

“It’s a fully functional kitchen that can be used to cook any cuisine,” added Anand. 

While the bigger trailer is a draw, the company says there is a certain demand for the smaller vans as well. The smaller ones are particularly popular among young entrepreneurs. 

“We customise smaller vans as well and we keep getting orders for compact need-specific vans. These are versatile and are fast catching up as a retail option and young first-time entrepreneurs love them because it is so easy to get started with an idea and a van,” Anand added. 

Published on: Sep 17, 2022, 12:26 PM IST
Posted by: Sharmila Bhowmick, Sep 17, 2022, 12:00 PM IST