Big tech companies, China and media want sleepy Joe to win: Donald Trump

In his remarks, Trump claimed that if the radical left gained power, they will collapse our economy and send nation into a depression

US President Donald Trump US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Monday alleged that China, big tech companies and mainstream media have rallied against him in support of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden as they "control" him and want him to win.

Big tech, big media, big donors and powerful special interests are desperate for sleepy Joe to win. They want him to win. I'll tell you who wants him to win. China. They will own our country because they own him, Trump said at an election rally in the battleground State of North Carolina.

This was Trump's one of the first rallies across the key battleground States on the eve of the crucial presidential elections. They control him, and they know he will always be there to do their bidding. He'll always be there to corrupt--he's a corrupt politician. I don't care. I'll say--and I say it. Everybody knows it's true, Trump as he urged his supporters to go out and vote in large numbers.

Trump accused Biden and his family of taking money from Chinese, which he said is corruption. They are bought and paid for. They got the money and then they were going for the big one in China. They wrote a letter to very big, powerful man within the Communist Party--and where's Hunter? Asked for USD 10 million a year as he was going to recommend--he was going to talk, he said.

Can you imagine? Big tech refuses to put anything in. They took the New York Post down for two weeks because they won't let anyone write if you put out a little tweet and say that Biden is corrupt, they will knock out your whole account. Nobody's ever seen anything like this, said the president.

So we have the fake news not writing about it and you have big tech not writing. So how can you have a scandal? Nobody is talking about it. Nobody's allowed to talk. It's called suppression. We don't have freedom of the press. We probably haven't had it for a long time, he said.

Trump alleged that every corrupt force in American life that is responsible for cruel betrayals that hurt family are supported by Biden and they donate to Biden.

You know, I could have been a much bigger fundraiser than him, but I didn't want to call every head of a Wall Street firm, every head of the oil companies that we made rich anyway. I did a great job where energy independent. That's not so bad. First time. The failed establishment that started the disastrous foreign wars, they support sleepy Joe Biden, he said.

In his remarks, Trump claimed that if the radical left gained power, they will collapse our economy and send nation into a depression.

Biden will raise your taxes USD 4 trillion dollars, massively increase your regulations, close down your factories, send your jobs overseas--that's what he's been doing all his life, him and his group--destroy the suburbs, dissolve your borders, terminate religious liberty, outlaw private health insurance--180 million people have great health insurance--shred your second amendment, confiscate your guns and indoctrinate your children with anti-American lies, he said.

Sleepy Joe Biden is a globalist who spent 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars in countries that most of you have never even heard of. He was a cheerleader for NAFTA. And they're all coming home; don't worry about it. I said it, said the president.

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