Masaba's 'LoveChild' turns stigma on its head and destiny into brand

Masaba's 'LoveChild' turns stigma on its head and destiny into brand

“Motherhood is different for everyone and there is no such thing as being prepared for it” – Fashion icon, designer, and entrepreneur – Masaba Gupta unpacks her notion on motherhood and turns stigma on its head with the launch of her beauty brand LoveChild. She shared her vision behind the brand with Business Today.

Masaba turns destiny into a brand with LoveChild Masaba turns destiny into a brand with LoveChild

She steps up and owns it all with LoveChild. Fashion icon Masaba Gupta’s latest beauty brand has been designed to turn stigma on its head as she owns her personal story through its heartfelt message. In an interaction with Business Today, Masaba says, LoveChild as a brand is “dipped in compassion and empathy.”

The Indo-Caribbean designer, daughter of legendary cricketer Vivian Richards and veteran actor Neena Gupta has often faced questions about her childhood spent in Mumbai with her mother. LoveChild is perhaps an answer to all those questions.

LoveChild has been crafted for young women, set to take their first steps to explore the world and address their grooming needs. The products have been designed in the intersection of beauty and self-care.

Masaba said: “LoveChild as a term has been knitted into my destiny ever since I was born, and now I felt it was time to incorporate destiny into a brand. For many years I’ve looked at this term negatively so I thought it was time to make it positive with a brand that would resonate with individuals who have been labeled all their lives too.”

Masaba stepped into the world of fashion with a Lakme Fashion Week debut at age 19. Ever since there has been no looking back. She launched her fashion wear line, House of Masaba in 2009.

LoveChild says Masaba, “Goes beyond beauty to embrace wellness and self-love as definite mottos,”

The price range of the products has been kept in an affordable range with a starting point as low as Rs 100 – the element of compassion comes into play with the infusion of self-care with beauty with the inclusion of an anti-anxiety oil, intimate wipes, a skin glow face mist alongside usual beauty products like lip colour.

But does LoveChild intend to bring up beauty care as a key for personal empowerment?

‘No’ she says. “I am saying that women should not have to justify putting on a full face of makeup or going bare-faced. Beauty is not a single definition and women should not be put into boxes for it.”

“With the launch of LoveChild, we aim to reduce the barriers and social hesitations that come with approaching beauty and wellness for first-time enthusiasts. We want to reach a new consumer set and also finally be able to cater to the existing brand loyalists who are young, evolved, and wallet-conscious without compromising on the product,” says Masaba.

Despite her illustrious childhood with star parents, her emancipation came with her career. When she became an entrepreneur, everything changed. “I became the master of my own destiny and was no longer scrambling for a man to ‘complete’ me or provide security,” she reminisces.

That’s also how she wants to appeal to young women, stepping out into the world to explore opportunities.

“The brand is made with empathy at its core, enabling a unique expression of self-love. LoveChild intends on being a one-stop destination for all conversations on beauty and well-being, delving into self-love facets, nutrition and nourishment by experts, wellness mantras, and more.”

LoveChild automatically brings up the subject of motherhood and Masaba feels “motherhood is different for everyone”.

“You don’t really know what it’s like until you become one. So, the idea that people need to prep for it and be ready for it is a bit alien to me because you can’t really be ready for something this big unless you are in it.”
One last message for young women – stepping out to own their lives.

“You make better decisions when you are financially independent because the decision is made keeping your best interest in mind. You have to address your insecurities and anxieties but not be swallowed whole by them. And finally, don’t let them get under your skin.”