Spy in the Room

One of the most fundamental of our rights is the presumption that we are law-abiding citizens living in compliance with the law. State surveillance turns that on its head


Now, affected Indian companies will have to pass on higher borrowing costs to stakeholders

As India's young workforce is rapidly changing, its demands from employers are also changing. Can employers match their needs?

We pass on more than we realise, and in a future world of Artificial Intelligence, we risk building our biases, probably indelibly, into the systems of tomorrow

Assured cash transfers to small and marginal farmers might become more inclusive, leading to a new form of universal basic income.

The shift might be aimed at boosting disposable incomes of farmers, middle-income class and workers in the unorganised sector.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, in an interaction with journalists after the Budget, says income support can co-exist with subsidies.

Artificial intelligence could add at least a trillion dollars to our economy by 2035.

Opting for C2 costs works for both farmers and the government.

Restoring the integrity of the multilateral trading system is in India's interest.


Why equity financing by the government may be an important step to get India Inc. back on track

They have taken big strides, particularly in retail and SME finance

In spite of the buzz around the #metoo movement, very little action has been taken against the people who were called out

The Interim Budget has delivered pro-growth impetus without giving way to populism.

The Interim Budget has tied up the final threads of a much-needed basic social security net.

The recent build-up of retail bad loans could be a sign of trouble ahead.

Lack of regulations governing cryptocurrencies an impediment for ICOs in India.

India will have to walk a tightrope to collect taxes from foreign firms that bring innovative services.

Only sustained productivity growth can raise living standards