Cyclicality, almost akin to the seasons of nature, lies at the core of most long-term forecasting and preparation. But what if this cyclicality is at its end?

Animal Spirits: Are We Witnessing the End of Cycles?

Aug 05, 2022

The world's economic graph over the next few decades may resemble jagged shards of broken glass, with many tips pointing downwards

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Building a Resilient Supply Chain: From Backend Support to Core Competence

Aug 05, 2022

Covid-19 has forced companies to bring supply chains to the front and centre of their strategy. Going forward, successful firms will be those with strong supply chains

The circular issued by the CBDT contains several questions and answers seeking to clarify what payments would fall within the ambit of Section 194R of the Act.

How a CBDT Circular has Given Rise to a Tax Debate

Aug 03, 2022

Recent guidelines issued by the CBDT seem to have overreached the ambit of the provisions of Section 194R

Oil could have been the potential saviour amongst commodities, but the recent windfall tax on oil producers has put paid to those expectations.

Animal Spirits: Are We Looking at the End of the Corporate Profit Cycle That Began in 2020?

Jul 12, 2022

This may turn out to be only a short-lived interruption to the corporate profit cycle that began in 2020, but could as easily be the start of a longer down cycle.

Illustration: Raj Verma

Why Despite Losing its Tax-free Status, the UAE Remains Competitive

Jul 07, 2022

The UAE is set to introduce corporate tax to comply with the OECD's Inclusive Framework, to which it is a signatory. But that doesn't blunt its competitiveness

Illustration: Anirban Ghosh

Here's How to Make Sense of ESG Investing

Jul 07, 2022

It is important to understand the investment objective -- whether one wishes to protect downside by ESG risk mitigation, or to generate alpha

The focus is on making organisations outcome-oriented by bringing together differentiating capabilities and multidimensional skill sets

Changing priorities for the CEO

Jun 17, 2022

The focus is on making organisations outcome-oriented by bringing together differentiating capabilities and multidimensional skill sets,

Udayan Mukherjee

The Bear Market Test for Indian Retail Investors

Jun 10, 2022

This is the bear market test for Indian retail investors. Waxing and waning is the very nature of the market, though the reasons keep changing each time.

Udayan Mukherjee

Clear and Present Danger: Economic Stagnation and Inflation could lead to Stagflation

Apr 29, 2022

The combined effect of economic stagnation and rising inflation could lead to stagflation of the kind the world has not seen since the 1970s

Image: Reuters

Why Your Next Luxury Car Could Be an EV

Apr 26, 2022

EVs will account for a fifth of sales in the luxury car segment in the next five years

Image: Reuters

EVs: Towards a Greener Future

Apr 25, 2022

The sector needs to focus on infrastructure and innovation

Udayan Mukherjee

Here's Why The Government is an Unreliable Promoter

Apr 02, 2022

While the government is happy to sell shares of its companies in the public market to raise money when required, it has nothing but rank disrespect for the rights of other shareholders. For decades, it has run roughshod over them in listed PSUs

Factors which make a company a great place to work

Tuned in to Employees' Needs

Mar 31, 2022

Factors which make a company a great place to work

Udaan Mukherjee An Early Stumble for India’s Digital Bull Run

Mar 04, 2022

India's digital bull run has just begun. This is an early stumble from which it will recover to emerge as the most vibrant of digital ecosystems in the world

Tech is the crux of the digital banking system

Managing the Risks of Digital Lending

Mar 02, 2022

As more and more fintech players enter the space, prioritising risk and compliance will be the important aspects

Illustration by Raj Verma

Agritech, the Propeller of Farm Prosperity

Feb 19, 2022

The Budget makes clear that the government is keen to address the structural issues in agriculture rather than hand out short-term palliatives

Illustration by Raj Verma

Decoding the Changes to Direct Tax Laws

Feb 19, 2022

The Union Budget has proposed some amendments to the direct tax laws. While they are welcome, the government needs to iron out a few issues.

Rahul Bajaj in his younger days, in his trademark safari suit and with the iconic Bajaj Chetak scooter  -- Photograph by Husain Fawzan

A Man Much Ahead of His Time

Feb 19, 2022

Rahul Bajaj proudly wore the Indian badge and his sharp business mind led him to lay the foundation of a global empire a long time ago

The Great Reshuffle

Workplace in the New Normal: The Great Reshuffle

Feb 18, 2022

Every organisation will need a new digital fabric for collaboration that brings together both digital and physical spaces and empowers everyone to participate

Realty Road Ahead

Anshuman Magazine on How Steady Economic Growth Will Help Real Estate

Feb 17, 2022

A steady economic expansion will lead to a rebound in office leasing, rental cycles across retail and strong growth in the logistics and residential sectors.

The Unicorn Phenomenon

Karthik Reddy on How Most New Enterprise Creations Will Be Tech Start-ups

Feb 17, 2022

Across industries, most new enterprise creations outside of physical infra-heavy businesses will be tech start-ups. That would mean a rush of unicorns.