Executive Health
Executive Health
Water Fix

As we head into the summer months, keeping an eye on water consumption and other precautions can help protect renal health.

Tuberculosis is far from being just a poor man's disease.
Always carry a first-aid kit and take out medical insurance when you travel.
Carpal tunnel syndrome immobilises the wrist, but can be controlled.
Dearton Thomas Hector finds out what prompts business leaders to take part in marathons.
Busy executives should guard against 'computer diseases', says Manasi Mithel.
Women are resorting to egg freezing to delay becoming mothers, says Anika Gupta.
Though perceived as an ailment of the aged, arthritis often afflicts people as young as 40, says Rahul Sachitanand.
Jet-setters need to guard against deep vein thrombosis, says Rahul Sachitanand.
Light influences the body clock. Bad lighting at work can make you sluggish.
Wake early, work out daily, and eat a healthy breakfast to stay fit.
Do-it-yourself health check-up devices are useful.
Pick and choose only healthy foods.
Avoid any diet that guarantees weight loss, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.
Invest in regular medical check-ups to ward off future ailments, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.
Cardiac ailments are rising among executives and should not be taken lightly.
Healthy skin and hair can boost your personality and self-confidence at the workplace.
That slouch is not just painful. You could be inviting early spinal degeneration.