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  • An alarming number of young BPO workers are sinking into a world of crime, drugs, and promiscuity. It's an unprecedented workplace phenomenon that's testing their employers. Here we take a look at what actually goes on in the lifes of those working in BPOs.
Jul 15, 2007
Back of the Book 'Buy with conviction and stay invested'

'Buy with conviction and stay invested'

Past positions: Part of the portfolio management services division of Kotak Mahindra. Investment mantra: Think big and back ambitious promoters.Best call over the past few months: Contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS) and engineering sectors.
Treadmill The get-back strategy

The get-back strategy

The best thing to do after a vacation is to plot your strategy to get back on your workout regimen.
BT More Bharti, Hutch hike rates

Bharti, Hutch hike rates

The two operators have also increased local SMS rates to Rs 1.20 per message for all users, both prepaid and postpaid, from Re 1 earlier.

The A-Z of fragrance etiquette

Yes, there are rules for wearing colognes and perfumes as well. But they’re simple and quite easy to follow.

The glass files

Serving a classy single-malt in a cheap glass completely ruins the effect. A good home bar should have enough types of glasses to cover every major type of drink. Here are the standard glasses and a few special ones that you should have at home.

The home bar essentials

Guests have this bad habit of popping up at strange times and often have strange demands. So, at any given point in time, your bar should be stocked well-enough to cater to most tastes.

Letter from the Editor

We bring to lifestyle coverage the same painstaking research and due diligence that has made Business Today India’s No 1 business magazine.

Beat jet lag

This can put you out of action - or, at least, keep you at sub-optimal levels of functionality - for a day or two after a long flight. Fortunately, though, you can take measures to prevent it or reduce its impact.

Entertain yourself

Big-screen TVs, game consoles and home-theatre systems — home entertainment is a lot more than just staring at a television for hours on end. It is about having fun, but now fun is available in crystal-clear highdefinition with 7.1 surround sound and in massive screen sizes.

The best new fall fragrances

Here's a selection of some new fragrances that are making heads turn this season.

Trade Tangle

Six key members of the World Trade Organization-the US, EU, Brazil, India, Japan and Australia-have failed to take forward the Doha round of world trade talks. The trade ministers met in New Delhi in the second week of April. In a joint statement, the countries agreed to set a new timeline for completing the talks, which they said they aim to finish by the end of this year. Here's a review of trade talks, the hurdles, and what's ahead.

Tourism's Experiential Entrepreneurs

A band of new age entrepreneurs is delivering on the Incredible India promise by offering 'experiential' tourism in exotic locales. And foreigners are lapping it up.
Market Market watch

Market watch

“Acquisition of the UK-based J.L. French will add Ford, Land Rover, and Peugeot to its client base. With 32% compounded EPS growth between 2005-6 and 2008-9E, the stock trades at a P/E of 10 times on 2007-8 and 8.6 times on 2008-9 E earnings. We maintain our ‘Buy’ recommendation.”
The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index

The BT 50 Index

The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index The BT 50 Index
Noted Noted


Here's a short summary of what happened, where and how in the past few days.
News Maker Newsmaker: Rajinikanth

Newsmaker: Rajinikanth

The highest paid actor in the country, his pay cheque per movie, at Rs 25 crore plus a share of the revenues, puts him well ahead of his peers in Bollywood.
Policy Watch Licensing retail?

Licensing retail?

Top Mind Now, video applications

Now, video applications

Want to know what's new in the field of technology? Click to find out.
Letters Letter from viewers

Letter from viewers

Big losses? Think market crash, companies going bankrupt, bank robbery…think financial mistakes. Yes. Investor mistakes stack up to cost much more than you think. And we aren’t even talking about the more complicated equity-related ones like mis-timing the markets.
Editorial From the Editor

From the Editor

What you see in what you see can make all the difference. This is how Y.V. Deveshwar, chairman of ITC, once explained why his company started what became one of the most revolutionary ideas in Indian business— e-choupals. Choupals have existed for centuries as a place where village elders meet to deliberate on issues at hand. In 2000, ITC started linking some of these choupals via a computer and Internet (the e) to urban or even global markets. In one step it transformed several villages, turned the idea of digital divide on its head and proved that philanthropy can be profitable. ITC saw in choupals what others couldn’t.
Jobs Jobs Long

Jobs Long

The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914 translation by H. Rackham

Bond-ed labour

IT companies are offering job contracts that bar employees from joining rivals, vendors or partners. Here's how you can steer clear of the tangle.
Fashion How to stand out in an oh-so-boring black suit

How to stand out in an oh-so-boring black suit

Does the classic formal look leave you bored? We'll tell you how to jazz up the orthodox look.
Leadership Spotlight King of acquisitions

King of acquisitions

This time the spotlight is on UB Group chairman Dr Vijay Mallya.
People Destination China

Destination China

The prospect of parting company with his pets Bruno and Sheru is upsetting Chandramani Singh, 39, who's headed for Shenzhen, China.
Printed Circuit Celestial lucre

Celestial lucre

It's economics for most. For others, the future of commodities is written in the stars.
Book An ode to consensus

An ode to consensus

Can democracy really reduce discord? Arun Maira's new book suggests a roadmap for reducing conflict.
Money Buy or wait?

Buy or wait?

Property prices have eased in some pockets and chances are it could dip further. Should you buy your house now? There is no straight answer to this question.

Over to debt funds?

With interest rates rising, some debt funds will fare better and others will lag. Know how to invest in them.

The 2008 tax guide

Tax planning can be a breeze if you take the right steps early enough.
Reporters Diary Operation Singur

Operation Singur

Work on Tata Motors' Rs 1-lakh car plant is progressing fast at Singur. And contrary to popular perception, the agitation against it is slowly petering out. Ritwik Mukherjee reports from the spot.
In This Issue Ambani vs Ambani: Fight for gas

Ambani vs Ambani: Fight for gas

The squabbling siblings are facing off once again, and this time the younger brother seems to have got the government to ask probing questions. But there's more to it. Does Mukesh legally have a right over the gas he is pumping out?

"BT is moving from networks to services"

Ben Verwaayen, Chief Executive, BT Group, speaks to BT about the evolution of the global telecommunications market and India's role in it.

Welcome to health city

The Apollo Group has a big plan to provide holistic solutions.
Features In the name of the father

In the name of the father

Maverick entrepreneur Subhash Chandra has tossed his son, Punit Goenka, into the deepest end of the Zee broadcasting empire. The 33-year-old is beginning to deliver, in his own way.

India Inc.'s baby boomers

M&M, HDFC, Aditya Birla Nuvo and others all have subsidiaries and associate companies that promise to outshine them in the near future.

Omaxe to raise over Rs 600 crore from IPO

Real estate major Omaxe is tapping the capital market on Tuesday to mop up more than Rs 600 crore to acquire land, repay loan and meet construction cost.

The new face of lobbying

The traditional suitcase-style lobbyist is alive and kicking, but the deregulated economy has spawned a new variety that believes in using 'case law-style' advocacy to effect policy changes.
Trends Too hot to handle

Too hot to handle

The government and industry aren't doing enough to tackle climate change.

Instan Tip

The fortnight's burning question.

One has to be patient here

Enterprise data management, gives you a more predictive sense of a market. 

Forex reserves: A problem of plenty

How to utilise the forex reserves.

Southern Comfort

Dream destination: Markets down south.

Top of mind

Video Resume, a facility launched by Monster India allows jobseekers to upload their video clips on the Monster India website.

Economy Watch

The upswing of the IIP is a good sign for the economy. It will not only generate employment but will also increase the GDP. 

Licensing retail

A bird's eye view of what's hot and what's not on the government's policy radar.

Business in choppy waters

The why, what and how-to of policy making.

Numbers of note

$1.5 billion (Rs 6,150 crore): The amount Citigroup Venture Capital International will invest in India.

Take note of

L.N. Mittal's bid to acquire a 49 per cent stake in the Bhatinda refinery of HPCL for $785 million cleared. 

Mumbai, Delhi cost the most

The Mercer Global Cost of Living Survey 2007, Mumbai has climbed from #68 position to #52.

Attrition the bane of India Inc.

Attrition levels in Indian industry as a whole are higher than 20 per cent at present.
Current Steaming On

Steaming On

Ignore the doomsayers, the Indian economy is on song.

From Finance to Capital

The Tatas are revisiting financial services.

Crumbling Cookies

China and India are two problem areas for Danone globally.

Dash For Cash

Asia is at the centre of a public issue boom.

Magic Bus

Tata Motors launches two transport vehicles for rural markets.

In the Grey Zone

SEBI ticks off brokers for high-jinks in the F&O segment.

Radio's Mirchi

FM stations are divided on how to measure radio listenership.

Gung Ho on the Ghetto

Dharavi's revamp attracts more mega-corps.

Policy Matters

Cardiff's set in India, but China could steal the show.

Enabling Drug Research

Daicel spots a niche in Indian drug discovery and development.

Soul Searcher

Bata India is on the mend, but has it left it too late?

To tax or to please?

CBDT's clarification on taxing shares held is still ambiguous.

Shorts Story

SEBI is poised to bring back short sales in the cash market.

Open It Up

Is a software patent an oxymoron?

Star finds its voice

Its flagship looks beyond Tulsi and the saas-bahu formula.
Special The telecom paradox

The telecom paradox

Mobile phone population is clipping, but revenue isn't growing at the same pace. Until value-added services become more popular, operators will have to bank on cost cuts to grow profitably.

How long for 3G?

With revenue from 'voice' falling, operators need more value-added services such as streaming video and mobile commerce to keep surging. But first they must wait for additional spectrum.

Waiting to dial in

There are several global players keen to enter India. Their entry will make the market even more competitive. Consumers, rejoice.

Overseas, weakly

Indian hospitality groups have been making desultory acquisitions abroad. That may not be enough to produce an Indian Four Seasons.
Editors note From the Managing Editor

From the Managing Editor

What you see in what you see can make all the difference. This is how Y.V. Deveshwar, chairman of ITC, once explained why his company started what became one of the most revolutionary ideas in Indian business- e-choupals.

From The Editor

In the six or seven years since the BPO industry in India began in its full-blown form, the job choices available to middle-class youth have exploded.