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  • If getting into an IIM is tough, then getting the job of your dreams is tougher. Here's one grad who managed to do just that, and a year on is still happy with the choice he made.
  • B-schools are no longer content with just producing MBAs and are now actively grooming those with entrepreneurial talents.
  • The fifth BT-Nielsen survey of India's best B-schools gets bigger and better. For one, we polled a larger number of stakeholders-comprising MBA aspirants, current MBAs, recruiters, young executives, and functional heads-this year compared to the year before.
  • IIM-Ahmedabad once again retains its top perch, but there are some surprise entrants in the Top 15. What’s happening? As much as the B-school grads, recruiters are hunting for the best bargains. A BT-Nielsen Study.
  • Unique infrastructure and teaching methods, a track record of quality placements and an enduring aura make IIM-Ahmedabad India's best B-school in Business Today's 10th annual rankings.
  • With four institutes in the top 15, 10 in the entire list, and three new entrants, Mumbai is every wannabe MBA’s Shangri-La.
  • Delhi's two best-known B-schools, FMS and IIFT, have dropped in our rankings. But that's not because they have gotten any worse; it's just that their competitors have become better.
  • It doesn't yet have a fancy campus or the heft of the Indian School of Business, but the Bala V. Balachandran-founded Great Lakes Institute of Management wants to be India's best B-school for one-year MBAs.
  • Schools like ISB only admit students with prior work experience. The IIMs, too, have started 'PGPX' courses. How are these post-experience programmes faring, and what are their advantages?
  • Financial services and consulting are the favourite career choices of B-school grads. Marketing takes a back seat.
  • More and more B-schools are thinking global affiliations or a presence overseas to stay relevant in a borderless marketplace.
  • The India story has had an interesting spin-off-foreign students are trickling in to study at India's leading B-schools.
  • These are people who turned their backs on successful and cosy corporate careers to chart out their own future.
Sep 23, 2007
Editors note From The Editor

From The Editor

A B-School degree is probably the most coveted professional certification as far as making a career in corporate India is concerned.
The BT 50 Index The BT50 index

The BT50 index

The markets continue to see-saw.
Current The colour of blackstone

The colour of blackstone

Strikes five deals worth $840 million in 12 months.

One for the investors

RBI's view of holding company structure is only partly justified.

Waiting to be discovered

Why aren't advertisers excited about Discovery's #1 status?

Wealth in health

Apollo Group's BPO makes its fourth acquisition.

Cut down to size

US housing bubble takes its toll of Indian steel-makers.

Big blue rising

Forget low-cost, IBM is here to innovate.

MCX is spot on

Electronic spot trading is round the corner.

The gas pricing circus

Finally, the government is closer to fixing price for gas from RIL.

AMD and cheap chips

The #2 chip maker is eyeing mobile devices for growth.

Ringing in competition

TRAI chairman Nripendra Misra wants more telcos.

Mallya's ticket to F1

The liquor baron is bidding for a little-known team.

Firing up with tax sops

Mega power projects may soon get tax breaks.

Kinetic Energy

Power Minister seems keen to get hydel projects going.

A VC in the prep class

Helix Investments thinks Mahesh Tutorials is sexy.

Fair & Lovely & very mass

HUL taps radio to popularise its scholarship for girls.

In the fast lane

IDFC has a '2-3-4' formula for growth.

No kids' stuff

Sun TV Network finds another winner-for now.

On a wing and a prayer

The defence sector banks on a Rs 42,000-crore tender.

Hollywood Masala

The big us studios are partnering local film producers.

Shot in the arm

Firstsource makes a healthcare acquisition in the US.

Cash out, tune in

Sun TV Network steps into Red FM.

Gimme More

Professionals are managing PF and pension money.

Lights in the tunnel

A US slowdown may be an opportunity for Infosys.
Back of the Book The sound of youth

The sound of youth

The radio bug is spreading on campuses.
Treadmill The not-so-humble push-up

The not-so-humble push-up

The best part of push-ups is, first, that you can do them almost anywhere. And, second, you can modify or extrapolate on the simple push-up as you go along.
In This Issue It's all about being local

It's all about being local

Google Local isn't yet quite there, but it is bound to improve.

Credit cards: What next?

Major banks have quietly turned up the heat on credit card holders with a hike in interest rates over the past few months.
Drive Electric shock

Electric shock

Rahul Sachitanand takes the improved Revai out for spin around Bangalore.
Trends Chindia's new battle

Chindia's new battle

India will have to work hard to maintain its lead over China in New Economy sectors.

Instan Tip

The fortnight's burning question.

"We help optimise travel spends"

Hubert Joly, CEO of global business travel major Carlson Wagonlit Travels, was in India recently and took some time out to speak to BT's Kushan Mitra about the range of services and solutions offered by his company.

India Inc. has many more owners

Over the past few years, impressive corporate performances and strong macro-economic growth have drawn more and more investors to the Indian equity market.

PE funds step up their hunt in India

The appetite of PE players for India's fast growing economy is getting bigger. Says Munesh Khanna, MD, Halcyon Group: "The PE market is maturing in India and Indian entrepreneurs are realising the difference between management and ownership of companies. The next step is buyout deals involving publicly listed companies."

Old ad jingles on the comeback trail

It's an old problem-how do ad agencies break the clutter on television and reach out to their target audience?

Scooters are picking up speed again

Back in the early '90s, scooters were still India's favourite mode of transportation, and in 1992-93, over a million were sold. The best-seller then was the Bajaj Chetak.

US subprime crisis hits Indian BPOs

The tremors caused by the US subprime crisis has hit Indian shores, buffeting sections of the Indian BPO industry.

Thunder in UAE

The thunder is going abroad. Coca-Cola, which acquired home-grown cola brand Thums Up from Ramesh Chauhan in 1994, has launched it in UAE.

Top of mind

Nokia takes on iTunes with

Economy Watch

A falling CPI is good for a growing economy.

P-Watch Column

The why, what and how-to of policy making.

Numbers of note

India produces nearly 500,000 technical graduates annually.


Reliance Industries is displaced rom its perch as India's largest private sector company, by Tata Steel.

Exposed: Glass ceiling at India Inc.

Here's proof that India Inc.'s worst kept dirty secret is actually based on facts.

Indian telcos going abroad

Indian telecom companies are taking baby steps into the world at large.
Money Ready for take-off?

Ready for take-off?

Mid-cap funds have lagged behind lately, but they are poised to perform over the long term. Here we tell you what to look for in them, writes Mahesh Nayak.

The other side of ULIPs

The spotlight is back on ULIPs and how they are sold. What you should know about them?

Down, but not out

Some sectors have underperformed, but are bouncing back. Where to find undervalued gems.

Drive a smooth bargain

The coming festive season promises to be a good season for new car buyers. How to find the best deals.

No entry toll

Good news for direct investors in MFs, courtesy SEBI.
Features Shake-out in textiles

Shake-out in textiles

The rising rupee and unbridled competition from China and Bangladesh have forced players like Gokaldas Exports to sell out. What does the future hold for the textile and garment exporters?

Transition Time

Twenty-three years after re-inventing the Indian watch market, Titan Industries wants to morph into a retailer selling everything from jewellery to prescription eyeglasses. It's also expanding its global footprint and banking on its new ventures to help slow declining margins.

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity"

The market for semiconductors in India will almost double to $5.49 billion by 2009, says a new Frost & Sullivan report. What does that mean for the local chip industry? BT brought together a panel of experts to get the answers.

Urban Vision

The best municipal corporations are not those of Mumbai or Delhi or Kolkata. Rather, some of the most innovative and efficient users of resources are the civic bodies of cities like Visakhapatnam, Surat and Hyderabad.

From Japan with love

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently visited India with a delegation of 200 CEOs. On his agenda were plans to develop the $90-billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Will this result in a torrent of Japanese FDI in India?

Riding on retail

The emergence of large retail chains has come as a boon for SMEs. They are freed from the hassles of marketing their products, and retailers get ready suppliers for a range of items.

"We want to connect the unconnected"

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has spent half his 54 years with finnish mobile telephony major Nokia. Since joining the company as Corporate Counsel in 1980, he has played a critical role in transforming the 150-year-old one-time lumber company into a giant of the digital age.
Jobs On the green brick road

On the green brick road

The building blocks of the construction industry are changing; so are the job profiles.

Market Movers

Wanted pros with their fingers on market pulse.

Help, Tarun!

Tarun Sheth answers queries related to your career.
Editorial B-Schools as brands

B-Schools as brands

It's unfortunate that the top business schools don't teach a case study on management education in the country. For, it's unlike any business situation that managers encounter in their working careers.
People Punctilious Premji

Punctilious Premji

It's no secret that Azim Premji, the 62-year-old Chairman of Wipro, the soaps-to-software company, is painfully shy of public attention and does everything possible to stay out of the limelight.
Columns True-blue corporate warrior

True-blue corporate warrior

Nusli Wadia, the feisty chairman of Bombay Dyeing and Britannia, must be a pleased man. Media reports have suggested that Danone's holding could be acquired by the Wadias at a discount.
Reporters Diary On the retail trail

On the retail trail

UP farmers back corporates as Mayawati halts Reliance Retail's bandwagon.
Book The second sex

The second sex

This book makes a rational case for giving women who take family-related career breaks a second chance.
Policy Watch M&A disclosures to be mandatory

M&A disclosures to be mandatory

A bird's eye view of what's hot and what's not on the government's policy radar.
News Maker Newsmaker: Pranab Mukherjee

Newsmaker: Pranab Mukherjee

He is widely regarded as the most powerful minister in Manmohan Singh's Cabinet and he is Congress President Sonia Gandhi's chief trouble- shooter.