Reporter's Diary
Reporter's Diary
Mother Of All Populist Schemes

The Amma Unavagam project in Tamil Nadu is said to have been a key factor behind the stunning success of Jayalalithaa's AIADMK in the recent Lok Sabha polls. But is it sustainable?

The success of the Jaipur Literature Festival has spawned a host of similar efforts. But the boom rests on shaky foundations.
Suddenly, unisex salons are everywhere.
Indians are spending more and more on imported spirits as they acquire a taste of the world.
The backdrop of many successful Hindi films, Punjab takes centrestage with its own string of hits.
Few brands can convey Americanness quite like Harley-Davidson, which was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the early 20th century.
Indians spend $25 billion a year on weddings. Planners, chocolatiers and even software makers are gatecrashing the party.
The Jaipur auction ensures this global polishing centre gets a regular supply of emeralds.
It was glitz, glamour and the small matter of 24 racing cars.
High prices of Hilsa this year break the hearts of Bengalis.
Kushan Mitra makes a new entry in his bucket list and ticks it off immediately. A boat ride on the Congo River.