Defence Sector Report, Overview, Issue, Data and Analysis 2019
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At a Plateau

India's defence budget has increased over the past few years but its share in GDP has remained the same.


In spite of the Make-in-India initiative, the Indian private sector is awaiting big-ticket defence orders.

From red tapism to excessive focus on control, Indian defence procurement has everything to keep investors away.

The government is keen to shed its overdependence on defence imports and private players can helppush this strategic shift.

A new form of colonialism is spreading fast in the age of Big Data, and the government must take strong measures to counter it.


Bureaucratic hurdles and inefficient decision making are holding back defence manufacturing. Can the new government change things?

Indian armed forces are realising the importance of drones in modern warfare.

Steps India must take to meet a major chunk of its defence requirements from local production.