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What to do if you find something fishy about a financial offer?

Modus operandi includes calls with lucrative offers, phishing sites to lure customers to reveal personal details, identity of bank staff including ID card, approvals on counterfeit letterhead and craftily designed seemingly-genuine text messages

The most important thing to do now is not to shock the system, give confidence to the industry, bring liquidity into the system and reduce interest rates.
With the acquisition of nuclear weapons, Pakistanis may feel cockier as they can now threaten nuclear Armageddon on the planet
When looking at your credit report, lenders look at your total outstanding credit balance and the number of credit accounts to your name.
After the liberalisation of the economy in 1991, despite economic growth, India has not done well in terms of protecting the natural environment
Segregation and waste management eco-system to be in place could take multi- billion dollar investment of around $25 billion or Rs 1,50,000 crore
The key to lifting the gloom is in raising the income of working population through better wages to revive consumption demand
It is estimated that more than a million people suffer from end-stage organ failure, but no more than 3,500 transplants are performed annually