. In the corporate world, business continuity plans became indispensable in uncertain times.

Here's how to improve ease of doing business in a VUCA world

Sep 14, 2022

The entropy in this VUCA world seems irreversible. Due to rapidly changing environments and unprecedented times, businesses need to be prepared for the ever-changing new normal to tackle challenges of a VUCA world.

Speculators are counting on things getting economically and politically worse and they are shorting most currencies and buying up dollars.

Repairing the rupee: Here's how we can respond to global currency volatility

Sep 08, 2022

Indian rupee falling against the US dollar is more routine than an event, but lately the drop has accelerated and that is a cause of concern.

'RIP, Rocky': Udayan Mukherjee's tribute to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

'RIP, Rocky': Udayan Mukherjee's tribute to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Aug 14, 2022

"Dalal Street will always remember him, for while there may be many successful billionaire investors in the years to come, some even wealthier than him, there will never be another Rocky."

One of the biggest contributions of e-commerce is the manner in which it has fuelled the entrepreneurial spirit of the average Indian.

India at 75: How MSMEs are witnessing independence through e-commerce

Aug 13, 2022

One of the biggest contributions of e-commerce is the manner in which it has fuelled the entrepreneurial spirit of the average Indian.

A human being is not a resource - a human being is a possibility

How companies can unleash employees’ full potential; Sadhguru explains

Aug 07, 2022

Whether in a family, an institution or an organisation, it is important to understand that a human being is not an established quantity.

Why it makes sense to invest in digital gold

Why it makes sense to invest in digital gold

Aug 07, 2022

For those who invest in gold, buying it in the digital form makes much better sense than investing in its metal form.

MNCs may exit a country for a variety of reasons. (representational image)

Decoding the mystery of MNC exits from India

Aug 04, 2022

Companies have left India for various reasons. In the case of some companies, the decision to leave India was attributed to a multi-nation strategy to get out of non-profitable operations and focus on easier markets. 

As an aftermath of the ongoing global crisis, businesses are seeing the benefits of going ‘glocal’ on multiple fronts.

Here’s how to unlock business resilience through localisation

Jul 11, 2022

Localisation requires channelling efforts toward specific local customers, it can boost revenue streams. That is why it is a buzzword to watch out for.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tremendous potential as a catalyst for Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Here's how Indian SMEs can integrate AI tech better into their businesses

Jul 05, 2022

AI can help SMEs compete against bigger corporates and international SMEs by improving products, services and customer engagement. Here's a lowdown on how to facilitate such an integration.

A co-working space in Bengaluru

Co-working spaces are leading the race for sustainability in real estate

Jun 15, 2022

While traditional workspaces are doing their bit in saving the planet, co-working spaces are not too far behind. From the future of work to the future of sustainability, co-working spaces have the potential to unravel the problem of sustainability in real estate.

Image: Pixabay

India can be the next start-up nation

Jun 15, 2022

For India to succeed in entrepreneurship and innovation requires a healthy relationship of both domestic regulation that encourages growth and that works in partnership with foreign VCs and tech companies.

Image: Pixabay

The AVGC sector: How a holistic vision can make India a global content leader

Jun 08, 2022

The Indian Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming & Comics (AVCG) sector is making great progress. Now it needs not only financing and resource allocation for the sector, but also education and talent development.

Image: Pixabay

Want to improve access to credit for your business? Here’s how to do it

Jun 06, 2022

Lack of financial awareness is often cited as one of the key roadblocks for MSME development, which is a high priority segment for our country’s economic growth. In order to gain timely and better access to finance for business growth, MSMEs must gain knowledge on CIBIL Rank and commercial credit report.

Image: Pixabay

Cloud Computing: Benefits and challenges to SMBs in India

Jun 01, 2022

SMBs who use cloud computing will take their businesses to a higher level of professionalism, efficiency and resilience. Read on to know how.

Image: Reuters

As WEF 2022 draws to a close, Indian flavours hang heavy in the Davos air

May 26, 2022

What started as a fire-side chat in a snow-covered village of Davos way back in 1971, is set to return next January. While several regulars seemed to prefer the sunshine that was interspersed with spells of rain, the forum will stick to its half-century old tradition of bringing the global elite together in the snow.

‘Customer centricity’ and ‘customer obsession’ are two fundamental principles that almost any enterprise has to live by in order to be successful.

Voice of the customer: Changing possibilities with AI

May 26, 2022

Popularly known as the ‘Voice of Customer’, VOC is an umbrella term that is used to signify the technology infrastructure, analytics and AI capabilities that help businesses realise this very important goal.

Twitter has been middling, nay declining, on all fronts, but what is the song beneath the words with respect to the deal?

The Musk Mandate: Musk seems good for Twitter, is Twitter good for Musk?

May 26, 2022

The Musk Mandate is what the doctor ordered for Twitter, but will Twitter be good for Elon? asks Dr. Srivatsa Krishna.

World Economic Forum 2022

WEF 2022: Not just India, even the Saudis have capped fuel prices to beat inflation

May 25, 2022

Noting that Russia was the world’s largest oil and natural gas exporter in 2021, the IEA warns that the disruption has thrown energy markets into turmoil and created major ‘energy security’ and ‘energy poverty’ risks worldwide today.

At the pace the world is moving today, we need to accept that age is no bar to ‘learning’.

Here’s why innovation is impossible without continuous learning

May 25, 2022

At the pace the world is moving today, we need to accept that age is no bar to ‘learning’. Increasingly, a traditional employee will have to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset and be willing to skill, upskill and reskill.

World Economic Forum 2022

WEF 2022: IT visas and going abroad is obsolete

May 24, 2022

As global uncertainty grows the world over due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, or over the inflationary pressure presently building up over the globe's major economies, the resounding point at WEF's India pavilion has been the transformative nature of technology, and the growing weight of the Indian economy that is being felt the world over.

World Economic Forum 2022 at Davos

WEF 2022: No Russia, no China and the red-carpet of Cannes

May 23, 2022

And while delegates from Russia and China are a scarce sight here, the Indians are enjoying their time in Davos' beautiful spring.