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Chaitanya Kalbag talks about Business Today's latest issue, which exposes the shortcomings of equity research in India. And about BT's annual survey of India's best banks.

Special Correspondent G. Seetharaman talks about his cover story, which exposes the dark underbelly of equity research in India.
Business Today's Goutam Das exposes the corruption rackets rampant in IT recruiting, which cost companies and students both money and time.
Senior Editor N. Madhavan talks about how foreign banks are flocking to India despite the many restrictions they face setting up a business and expanding here.
Goutam Das discusses how companies can protect their data so that business is not disrupted by a calamity, and clients do not have to suffer the consequences.
Business Today Senior Editor Suman Layak on how India's top 500 companies were ranked and the reason behind TCS pipping Reliance Industries in the listing.
Business Today's Alokesh Bhattacharyya on our best advice issue, how great advice can change your business life, and the best advice he ever got.
Business Today Special Projects Editor Alokesh Bhattacharyya on innovators who are transforming the daily lives of millions of Indians.