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With the increase in repo rate to 5.90 per cent, home loan borrowers will have two options now.

RBI's repo rate hike: You might pay Rs 59 lakh more as interest on your Rs 50 lakh home loan; Here’s how

Sep 30, 2022

The EMIs set to go up as RBI announces 50 bps hike in repo rate today. With this, EMI with floating interest rates is set go up.

According to the RBI, most large merchants have already complied with the tokenisation norms, and 195 million tokens have been issued so far. 

RBI tokenisation deadline: How to tokenise your card by Sept 30

Sep 20, 2022

With no card data being saved with the merchant, the chances of it being compromised are minimal.  

Banks have also passed on the entire rate hike to customers leading to a rise in borrowing costs. 

Banks vs NBFCs: Who is offering the cheapest home loans?

Sep 05, 2022

In this rising interest rate scenario, many home buyers wonder where to get the cheapest home loan rate from. It is important to compare interest rates offered by lenders, as the lowest rate will make your EMIs smaller.

The monthly average balance is the minimum amount you are required to maintain in your savings account every month

Has your savings account balance gone below the monthly average requirement? Here's what can happen

Aug 24, 2022

Several experts say that it is imperative to maintain a monthly average balance in your savings bank accounts. Here's what can happen if you don't.

The minimum average balance is calculated by adding up the closing balance in your account every day divided by the number of days in that month.

Savings account tip: Can't maintain bank's minimum balance? Do this to avoid fine

Aug 18, 2022

Monthly average balance is the minimum amount you are required to maintain in your savings account every month.

The first salary is the best opportunity to build an investment discipline.

Expert Speaks: How first-time salary earners can become a crorepati in 10 years

Aug 09, 2022

In our Expert Speaks column today, Abhishek Dev, co-founder and CEO, Epsilon Money, breaks down the steps one needs to follow in order to grow their investments so that it can touch Rs 1 crore in 10 years.

The higher repo rate of 5.4 per cent will lead to a longer tenure or higher EMI for home loan borrowers

Higher EMI, longer tenure: RBI repo rate hike means home loan pain for borrowers

Aug 05, 2022

In a decision taken today by the Reserve Bank of India during its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting that started on August 4 and concluded today, Shaktikanta Das, governor of the central bank, announced the increase in repo rate by 50 basis points to 5.40 per cent

With high inflation rates, experts say interest rates are expected to increase further, and may reach upto 35-50 basis points. 

RBI's MPC meet: Your home loan interest rates may cross 8%, EMIs can get costly

Aug 03, 2022

The RBI's monetary policy committee is slated to start meeting from August 3 onwards and chances are that a hike in repo rates may be in the offing. In such a scenario, find out how expensive will your home loan rates can become.

Godrej Capital will also launch an option to pay instalments quarterly or bi-monthly (once in 2 months) to enhance the options of availing flexible repayments.  

Godrej Capital introduces industry-first LAP 25 loans with up to 25 yrs tenure; details here  

Jun 30, 2022

GCL has rolled out this offering with a focus on becoming the preferred lender for the SME segment, the company said.

As per the RBI, the central bank, for the moment, has allowed the linking of all RuPay-enabled credit cards with UPI

How will credit card linkage with UPI benefit you? Here's what experts say

Jun 14, 2022

The linkage of UPI with credit cards will increase convenience as it will facilitate payment through mobile phones, experts argue.

In order to pay off debt or save on costs, one can avail yourself of several valuable perks with the help of credit cards despite being a new applicant.

Five tips on how you can maximise your credit card benefits

Jun 08, 2022

If you have a credit card, here are ways you can reap some added benefits while using them

Is 'buy now pay later' a bane or boon? Users and experts opine

Is 'buy now pay later' a bane or boon? Users and experts opine

May 07, 2022

For some of the users, this is a fantastic option but some opined that BNPL is nothing much different from a credit card, as in, in the end, both build credit.

Experts say if you do not want to increase the tenure of the loan it is better to increase EMI provided it does not hurt the family cash flow.

Home loan rate hikes: Should you increase EMI or tenure of the home loan? 

May 06, 2022

Following the RBI hike, the credit cost for both existing as well as fresh borrowers will increase. What should you do? 

The wholesale inflation has surged to a record high of 14.5 per cent in March 2022

Rising inflation is hurting household budgets. Here’s how to fight back 

Apr 19, 2022

Clearly, with inflation on the rise, one of the biggest concerns is how to then manage your monthly cash flow. Experts point out several ways in which this can be done. 

As per this report, COVID-19 crisis has prompted the affluent class in India to focus on the future while resetting their priorities

94% Indians have reset life goals post-pandemic, improving health topmost priority: StanChart report

Oct 26, 2021

This report also states that for 48 per cent of the respondents, the pandemic has diminished their confidence in their finances, thus thwarting them from taking the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

Things to consider before availing loans under BNPL scheme

Things to consider before availing loans under BNPL scheme

Oct 22, 2021

Given access to easy money, there is a risk of getting carried away. Here are a few things you should know before shopping with BNPL.