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The Employees Provident Fund Organization in their internal circular has requested the pensioners to submit the following documents along with the claim for higher pension.
Updated : Mar 07, 2023

EPFO procedural hassles may deter employees from claiming higher pension

As per experts, EPFO's requirement to furnish new list of documents by a claimant can have a detrimental effect on pension claims.

From a wealth perspective, and from the country's economic perspective, we think that the number of charterholders are very few compared to the size of the industry and the population of the country, says Pollard.
Updated : Feb 16, 2023

India has 3,500 CFA charterholders: Nick Pollard of CFA Institute

India is in the top seven countries for ESG registration certificate, said Nick Pollard, MD for APAC at CFA Institute. 

You can now opt for plans that offer unlimited restoration to all the covered members for hospitalization related to either the same illness or a different illness within the same policy year
Updated : Dec 28, 2022

Ask Money Today: Think your health insurance coverage might get exhausted in a single hospitalisation? Here's what to do 

The increasing medical inflation has necessitated the need for an adequate sum insured in your health policy to battle multiple unexpected medical expenses within the same policy term.

The announcement was made after the Board of Directors held a meeting on Saturday.
Updated : Dec 25, 2022

Shriram Finance declares 150% interim dividend; plans to raise Rs 35,000 crore on private placement basis

The interim dividend payout will be made to eligible shareholders on or after Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the company said.

As per RBI guidelines, the affected person should first file a complaint with the payment system used.
Updated : Dec 06, 2022

How to retrieve money if you transferred money to a wrong UPI ID from PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm?

UPI Money Transfer: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines for such cases where one can retrieve money from unintentional transactions through digital services. Check them out here.

It can provide a return of up to 10 times the amount of premiums paid.
Updated : Dec 05, 2022

LIC Dhan Varsha Plan: Up to 10x returns possible on paying Rs 10 lakh as single premium, here’s how

LIC Dhan Varsha Plan: If, for instance, a customer had paid a single premium of Rs 10 lakh, his nominee would receive Rs 1 crore with a guaranteed bonus in the event of an untimely death

The retail digital currency is proposed to be distributed through two-tier model, which means RBI will distribute the digital rupee to commercial banks
Updated : Nov 30, 2022

Can RBI’s digital rupee replace UPI, Paytm and Google Pay?

While currently the focus of CBDC is on domestic use, the RBI is expected to soon start the groundwork for cross-border transactions.

At present, there are different surcharge rates for an individual and corporates depending on the level of income.
Updated : Nov 18, 2022

What is surcharge on income tax? Here's how you can calculate it

The surcharge amount is calculated on the tax before adding a cess to it. It is levied to put a high tax burden on rich people. This is how you can calculate it. 

 Life certificate is an important document and is submitted annually so that the pension holders can draw their monthly pension amount without any break.
Updated : Nov 17, 2022

SBI Video life certificate: Here is how pension holders can submit their Jeevan Pramaan document from home

SBI Video life certificate: With the new facility, pensioners can now submit their life certificates via video call with an SBI official using a smartphone, or a tablet, or a laptop or PC using a web camera and headphones with stable internet connectivity.

Education loans are low-cost loans that charge you around 7-12 per cent interest along with the unlimited tax benefit on interest deduction.
Updated : Nov 05, 2022

Why it is better to take an education loan than invest your savings in your children’s education?

While using personal savings keeps you away from the worry of paying it back, it comes along with the burden of emptying out the retirement savings of your parents.

PF account Interest Credit:  EPF contribution is credited to the account on a monthly basis, and interest is computed every month. The total interest for the year is credited at the end of the financial year.-16:9
Updated : Nov 04, 2022

EPFO to start crediting interest to PF accounts: Here are the steps to check your balance

In March this year, the EPFO declared that it will offer an interest rate of 8.1 per cent, the lowest in the last 40 years, for the last financial year.

Through digital currency the central bank aims to provide the public with a risk-free virtual currency that will provide them legitimate benefits without the risks of dealing in cryptos.
Updated : Nov 01, 2022

RBI's Digital Rupee pilot launch today: Here are 10 things to know

As we move into a new era of digital money here are ten things you should know about the Digital Rupee.

 It is very important to comprehend how you can raise your credit score.
Updated : Oct 31, 2022

Why are credit scores important? Here’s how to improve it

The range of a borrower's credit score is 300 to 900. Your credit score indicates to a bank or lender whether you are a creditworthy borrower.

One of the most significant challenges a business can face is replacing leadership. Most critically, succession planning reduces this danger.
Updated : Oct 23, 2022

Four key steps to effective succession planning for your business

While there is no hardbound rule for effective succession planning for making it successful one needs to customise it in accordance with the needs of the organization and the interests of all the key stakeholders.

Diwali is around the corner and you should wisely make financial decisions
Updated : Oct 21, 2022

Diwali 2022: 5 simple ways to save money this festive season

Diwali gift-giving and buying cannot be substituted, but you can always choose a different path wisely on how to spend your money.

A lot of government organisations and corporate firms pay out decent bonuses to their employees.
Updated : Oct 20, 2022

Diwali Bonus 2022: Here’s how to use your bonus wisely to get maximum benefits

Got Diwali Bonus? Stop splurging and use them wisely. Here's what you can do. 

The whole point is, cyberattacks happen because the fraudsters understand shoppers generally don’t cross check or verify websites before buying
Updated : Oct 20, 2022

Dhanteras 2022: Shopping online? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to stay away from online scams

Yes online shopping has picked up, so are instances of cyber fraud. Here's how you can keep yourself safe.

Credit cards offering travel points/miles are usually co-branded with popular airlines or travel portals.
Updated : Oct 19, 2022

Planning a vacation, but spooked by soaring air ticket prices? Here's what you can do 

By opting credit cards that offer reward points or travel mile programs you can cut travelling cost through redemption.

To begin with, the product shall be open only to holders of digital gold, but a service offering doorstep pick up of customers’ idle physical gold coins and bullion is expected to be rolled out shortly.
Updated : Oct 13, 2022

You can now lease your digital gold to earn extra return; here is how it works 

Assuming the annualised price growth of 11 per cent on gold in the past 5 years and expected yield between 3-6 per cent, the company aims to offer 14 to 17 per cent.   

Purity does not hold much relevance while purchasing digital gold online. It only matters when you ask for delivery of your gold.
Updated : Oct 13, 2022

Is the gold you are buying 99.9% or 99.99% pure? 

Millesimal Fineness, a system denoting the purity of gold, measures the purity by parts per thousand or the percentage of gold, instead of karats.

Millennials have been driving online jewellery purchases even as the ticket size has largely remained stagnant and small. 
Updated : Oct 02, 2022

This is how millennials buy gold in India 

The gold industry is integral to the Indian economy, contributing 1.3 per cent to Indian GDP but it is still fragmented, dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, states a latest report by World Gold Council (WGC)