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Here's how the Android 12 UI might end up looking

A new leak may have given us the first glimpse of how Android 12 may look like.

twitter-logoIndia Today Tech | February 9, 2021 | Updated 14:16 IST
Android 12 UI leaked in screenshots.
Android 12 UI leaked in screenshots. (Image: XDA-Developers)


  • Android 12 is expected to be available to the general public as an update in the second half of the year.
  • Leaked screenshots show a new theme for various elements in the UI.
  • In the first look, the Android 12 does seem cleaner than Android 11.

Android 12, Google's next OS iteration, is expected to be released in the coming months and some leaked images might have given us the first look at the UI. Looking at the leaked screenshots, we expect Google to finally move away from the transparent background for various visual elements on the operating system, which is likely to be replaced by a Beige coloured background.

XDA-Developers has posted a bunch of screenshots which it claims is from an official doc that Google shared with some of its partners to give them a glimpse of the upcoming Android 12 update.

One of the leaked screenshots shows an all-new notification panel that seems to have received a full refresh. Apart from an all-new colour combination of Beige, the icon pack and the fonts seem to have received minor changes. There's a fair amount of space between two icons, for example, the Wi-Fi icon in the drop-down menu is at the top left alongside Airplane mode, battery saver, and night mode. The drop-down menu also seems to have received a bit of rejigging where conversation from apps like Messenger and other messaging apps may be grouped. In comparison, notifications from other apps like Google Photos and Gmail may be clubbed under Notifications tag.

In another screenshot, the Privacy setting can be seen where Disable camera, Mute microphone, Location, Permission manager, and Advanced options can be seen.

Android 12 notifications panel. (Image: XDA-Developers)

The homepage screenshot shows a cleaner UI with limited options available on the page. According to the leaked screenshot, the Android 12 may have a dialer, clock, Chrome, and Camera towards the bottom while the Google Search tab can be seen fixed at the bottom of the screen. This seems like a move to make the search option more easily accessible to Android users.

In another homepage screenshot, an all-new widget setup can be seen on Android 12. This means we could get a brand new way to interact with regular apps, including a widget that shows a missed call and another one for a new message.

The camera app interface has also been leaked in screenshots and shows a subtle revamp with a cleaner UI.

Android 12 UI leaked screenshots hint at iOS 14-like indicators for camera and microphone

One of the big surprises for us was the all-new camera, and microphone access indicator that can be seen in one of the leaked screenshots claimed to be from Android 12 pack. It seems that Android 12 users will be notified about the camera and microphone being used by any app on the device. The leaked screenshot shows a notification that lists "Camera is using the camera" with a green icon while "Chat used the microphone recently" in an orange icon pack.

It's worth noting that iPhone users received the camera and microphone indicators with the iOS 14 update last year and this seems a feature Google has inspired from the iOS.

There's no denying that the leaked screenshot hint at some good changes we can expect in the upcoming Android 12. However, this could be skin or theme that was seen applied on top. Every year, Google releases the beta for its forthcoming Android iteration around May, and we expect the same for this year.

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