Instagram getting glitchy? New feature will soon let you vent your frustration. Know more

Instagram getting glitchy? New feature will soon let you vent your frustration. Know more

If your Instagram app is not behaving as it should, you will soon be able to shake it to report a problem.

This new feature is available on iOS already and will soon come to Android This new feature is available on iOS already and will soon come to Android

Social media is often frustrating, and we're not talking about the content here. Apps often glitch up and don't "behave" like they should and there's very little users can do at that point in time except report a problem. Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced recently that they are adding a couple of new features to the app, one of which will help you vent your frustrations, to an extent.

Called "Rage Shake", this feature will allow you to report a problem by literally shaking your phone. If the app is glitching, for example, if stories are not loading as they should or you are missing audio, you can shake your phone and you will see a pop-up that asks you - "Did something go wrong?". There is an option to report the problem right below that and you can explain exactly what went wrong. Mosseri explained in the video accompanying his announcement tweet that post the report, Instagram would get someone to look at the issue. He also added that this would help them address the bugs and other issues on the app and fix them on priority. "And we appreciate the feedback, as colourful as it might be," Mosseri said.

The video also shows that there is an option to toggle off the "Rage Shake" feature in case you are one of those very animated people who use a lot of hand gestures for everything. The Rage Shake feature is available on both Android and iOS, and only in the US for now.

Another "hidden gem" that Mosseri talked about is the option to delta one photo from a carousel, something Instagram calls "Carousel Deletion". He also called it a "finally" feature because, clearly, users have been requesting this for a while now. The Carousel Deletion feature allows you to delete one photo from a bunch that you have uploaded and you no longer have to delete the entire post and redo it again.

The Carousel Deletion feature will show an 'Edit' option when you click on the three dots on the right top side of the post and you can delete the photo you want from the lot and keep the rest as they are.

This feature is available on iOS already and will soon come to Android.

End of Instagram Threads

Instagram is also going to remove its Threads feature, the standalone messaging service, soon as Meta is going to consolidate all its messaging platforms. As confirmed to TechCrunch, the Threads app will display a notice from November 23 asking users to return to Instagram. Instagram's Threads was conceptually similar to Facebook Messenger, a messaging platform that allowed you to send and receive Instagram DMs without having to access the main app. Threads also came with a bunch of special features like automatic status messages that reflected what your phone was doing. Meta has said that all these features will be available on Instagram by the time Threads is shut down.

Meta is currently working on consolidating all its messaging platforms. Messenger and Instagram already support cross-platform messaging and Meta has said they plan to incorporate WhatsApp into this as well.

Threads' reason for existence wanes when considered in comparison with the likes of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram's message support, particularly since Meta is working on blurring the lines here. Also, given that not too many people are actually using Threads, reports suggest that the app had just over 200,000 users as of last year. This number is a mere fraction of Instagram's user base that runs into billions.

"We know that people care about connecting with their close friends, and we've seen this particularly over the past few years with the growth of messaging on Instagram." Pai added, "We're now focusing our efforts on enhancing how you connect with close friends on Instagram, and deprecating the Threads app," Instagram spokesperson Christine Pai said.

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