Instagram may soon share your video posts as Reels

Instagram may soon share your video posts as Reels

The platform wants to give a boost to Reels and encourage more people to get on to the trend.

Instagram is going to turn your video posts into Reels Instagram is going to turn your video posts into Reels

We’ve talked plenty of times about how Instagram is going on a video-first mode where the focus is heavily on Reels. The platform has also updated its UI so as all posts appear as full-screen ones allowing Reels and videos to play out better, like on TikTok. Now, the platform is testing another feature that will subtly push people to consider making Reels over video posts.

Instagram is testing a feature that will turn video posts into Reels. It is currently being tested with selected users globally, and the aim is to simplify videos on the app.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra shared on Twitter that people who are a part of the test group for this feature will seen an in-app message that informs them that “video posts are now shared as reels”.

Based on the snapshot Navarra has shared on Twitter, it looks like Instagram wants to actively encourage users to make more videos or just more Reels. The platform believes that once videos become Reels, they will get better better engagement, users can add video effects and music to these, and these can also be remixed to make new Reels.

So, if you post a video from a public account, it is going to end up as a Reel. The in-app message also tells users that anyone can create a remix with someone else’s Reels if the account is public. One can prevent the Reel from being remixed by changing the settings.

"We're testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram,” a Meta spokesman said.

Now, this feature is being tested and it is unclear if and when Meta will officially roll this out. Another thing that is not clear is if this conversion from video to Reels will apply to Instagram videos that have already been posted or just the new ones. There is also no clarity yet about whether users will be able to upload 10-min videos (60-mins for verified accounts).

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