WhatsApp is giving group admins more control over new members

WhatsApp is giving group admins more control over new members

This new feature is particularly helpful for big groups on WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp is soon going to give group admins more control over who can and cannot join a group chat. While group admins have always had the option to remove members from a chat group, but this new feature will allow them to vet a new joinee beforehand. This new feature is particularly helpful for large WhatsApp groups that use the invite link for easy joining.

WhatsApp’s shareable group links make life easier for group admins when they want to create a big group, however, the link can also end up with the wrong people and pretty much anyone can join.

In order to fix this issue, WhatsApp is introducing the Admin Approval feature. When enabled, this feature will allow admins to accept or reject join requests from people who are trying to join a WhatsApp group via an invite link.

This was spotted first by WABetaInfo and is currently only limited to beta users. This Admin Approval feature should roll out more globally on stable versions on iOS and Android soon.

As a group admin, you will have to manually turn the feature on once it is available. If you handle multiple groups, then it will have to be turned on individually for each one of them. The toggle to turn on and turn off the Admin Approval feature will be under the group settings as “Group Membership Approval”. And once it is turned on, all the existing users in the group will be notified about the change.

Once the Admin Approval feature is on, every time someone tries to join the group via the shareable link, the admins will find the requests in a separate sub-section under the Group Info section. This will have to manually cleared by admins to allow or deny new users.

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