WhatsApp is restricting how many times a message can be forwarded

WhatsApp is restricting how many times a message can be forwarded

Additionally, the messaging platform is making it easier to send messages to unknown numbers.

WhatsApp is cracking down on forwarded messages once again WhatsApp is cracking down on forwarded messages once again

WhatsApp is bringing support for two features soon. One has to do with forwarded messages and the other with messaging unknown numbers. The Meta-owned messaging platform is going to restrict how many times messages can be forwarded. Soon, Android and iOS users will not be able to forward a message to more than one message group.

Spotted by WABetaInfo on WhatsApp beta on both iOS and Android, this feature will also show a disclaimer when users try to forward a message on more than one group chat.

The forwarded message restriction feature was spotted on WhatsApp beta for Android version and WhatsApp beta for iOS version WABetaInfo also shared screenshots showing that when a message is already marked as ‘Forwarded’, it can no longer be sent to another group chat. If a user tries to forward an already-forwarded message to another group, they will spot a disclaimer that says - “Forwarded messages can only be sent to one group chat.”

This feature has already been rolled out to some Android beta testers and iOS beta testers, and is going to roll out to more people soon, according to WABetaInfo.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has cracked down on forwarded messages. The platform got into quite a bit of trouble in the past due to the spread of misinformation via messages both in India and abroad. In 2018, WhatsApp restricted the number of people a user could forward a message to five. This was first rolled out in India and then expanded globally in January 2019.

Additionally, WhatsApp is also making it easier for users to text those people whose contacts are not saved on your phone. According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp beta for Android version supports a new feature that allows users to message unsaved numbers. Once a user taps on an unsaved number that has been sent in a chat, it will open an in-app menu that will allow the user to send that number a message if that user too is a WhatsApp user.

The in-app menu will also allow users to call these unsaved numbers and then give them an option to save this number to their contact list. 

Right now, if you tap on an unknown number on a WhatsApp chat, that opens up the phone’s dialler app and you will only get an option to save it or make a normal call.

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Published on: Apr 05, 2022, 6:29 PM IST
Posted by: Jhinuk Sen, Apr 05, 2022, 6:24 PM IST