WhatsApp to bring these much-awaited features for Android, iOS soon

WhatsApp to bring these much-awaited features for Android, iOS soon

Some of these much-awaited WhatsApp new features were spotted in the recent beta update for the messaging application on both Android and iOS

WhatsApp new features will likely include a Dark Mode soon. WhatsApp new features will likely include a Dark Mode soon.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, is working on some interesting features for the Android and iOS platforms. Some of these were spotted in the recent WhatsApp beta update for both smartphone operating systems. These include the much-awaited Dark Mode, self-destructing messages, option to hide muted status, and a splash screen on both Android and iOS.

Here's a look at what the upcoming updates for WhatsApp on Android and iOS could bring for the users:

Dark Mode

WhatsApp users have asked for a Dark Mode for quite long, as the feature has grown in popularity across other apps. Although a Dark Mode has been spotted in earlier beta versions of WhatsApp, it is yet to be brought to its stable version. Although the feature is still under development, WhatsApp has revealed that it is getting closer to releasing a Dark Mode in the stable version of the messaging application. Screenshots of the latest WhatsApp beta version also showed dark text bubbles too.

Self-destructing messages

WhatsApp had introduced 'Delete for Everyone' feature for all its users a while back. Now the messaging platform is going to introduce self-destructing messages soon. This will allow users to recall a message after 5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, or even 30 days. This will be similar to snaps send via Snapchat.

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Hide muted status

The upcoming WhatsApp updates might come with a hide muted status feature. The feature has been spotted in the latest beta version. It will allow users to hide all status updates from those muted in their contact list. Under this feature, a 'Hide' button will be seen on the header of the muted status updates section. The hidden status updates can be restored by clicking the 'Show' button that will appear with them.

Splash screen

With the Splash Screen feature, the WhatsApp logo will appear on the screen when the application is launched for the first time. If it is running in the background, the application will have to be closed down first. The logo seems to be have a Dark Mode too and will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

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