Experience virtual tours while working out with Flexnest Flexbike

Experience virtual tours while working out with Flexnest Flexbike

Flexnest's Flexbike is a perfect piece of equipment that helps in staying fit - with coaches and beautiful outdoor scenes - virtually

Instead of adding a digital display, Flexnest has made this bike smart Instead of adding a digital display, Flexnest has made this bike smart

Product: Flexnest Flexbike
Price: Rs 29,990
Most of the c-suite level executives either build a home gym or work out in a personal space. For them to go back to the gym is highly unlikely, at least till the pandemic is still looming, and they are always on the lookout for equipment that helps with their performance and workout. Flexnest's Flexbike is a perfect piece of equipment that helps in staying fit - with coaches and beautiful outdoor scenes - virtually.
Basics done right:
Gurgoan-based Flexnest aims to make at home workouts engaging and with Flexbike it starts right with assembling the product. The firm has uploaded a DIY video with a step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble, which is mostly about driving the screws. Boasting a matte black finish with splashes of florescent orange, Flexbike has got a great build and finish. Weighting 31 Kgs, it has two rollers at the front and a wide non slipped base at the rear. It boasts all the regulars - height and distant seat adjusters, height adjustable handlebar and resistance adjuster stop knob, padded saddle, drink bottle holder, and a flywheel weighing 6.57 kg (14.5 lb). The bike is designed for a maximum user height of up to 6ft 4inch supporting a maximum weight of up to 120Kg.
Smart Connectivity:
With all the standard features, one thing missing on the bike is the display. Instead of adding a digital display, Flexnest has made this bike smart. The bike pairs with a tablet or smartphone over Bluetooth and the Flexnest app. And in addition to showing the workout session progress in real-time, the app offers virtual and coach guided rides too. And in my humble opinion, it works seamlessly.
This might sound like a hassle to few - pairing the bike every time you want to exercise - but it wasn't.  Unlike most Bluetooth devices and accessories, that need to be charged and powered before pairing, this one doesn't. The Bluetooth is powered by a battery that is placed above the front wheel. The pairing was simple. I had to start the ride on the app, which prompted me to start peddling the bike. Instantly, the app detected the bike's Bluetooth and a tap on the app initiated pairing. This process hardly takes about 5 seconds. The app is platform agnostic - works across Android and iOS devices seamlessly. While it works with both smartphones and tablets, the latter with a bigger display offered a more enhanced experience. The mount on the bike can easily hold up to an 11-inch tablet.
Workout outdoors…virtually:
If you want to ride down the streets of Vatican in Italy or Niagara Falls in the USA but do not wish to take a flight or step out just yet, Flexnest's virtual tours can be a great way of exercising with picture-perfect views. Flexbike has virtual rides that enable you to ride in 100+ different cities across the globe. And not every ride is of the same duration. The stretches vary both in terms of time and distance. For instance, the virtual ride of Milan was of 8km stretch and about 20 minutes, whereas the Golden Gate, San Francisco as a 12km ride for about 30 minutes. While the virtual tours continued to play at a standard pace, the newly introduced Responsive Rides offered much more. What I loved about the responsive rides virtual tours was how seamlessly the tours were able to match my workout pace. Every time I sped up or slowed down, the scenic views matched my speed. And these virtual rides aren't just high-resolution videos of empty roads but had people and birds with background natural sound. For instance, working out while watching the Milan video, I was virtually transported to the city. I had visited the city a few years back and the experience to view the famous monuments which looked life-like was enthralling. Starting with the Fontana di Piazza Castello, it took me to Duomo di Milano church, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and many more places. However, it would have been great if the app also had names of the places. I belong to the set of people who often feel bored while working out and always prefer to view something on a screen in front of me. These scenic views in front of me were motivational.
Then there are class rides with workouts from Delhi studio and Dubai studio. There are many classes like Bollywood sessions for beginners, strength, endurance, and more. Some of the classes I attended started with the basics - coaches guiding about the bike settings, postures and more in the first few minutes followed by the exercise. And when I was in no mood for any of these, there is a simple quick workout ride too.
Working out on the Flexbike was about the experience along with exercise. The resistance adjustable knob was convenient as I was able to adjust it easily during workout sessions. I had to also adjust the height of the saddle. But overall, this frictionless, magnetic resistance bike extremely smooth ride on and with higher resistance levels I did some good cardio sessions too. The virtual tours were a bonus.

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