Amazon ranked as the most valuable brand in the world, Apple and Google follow

Amazon ranked as the most valuable brand in the world, Apple and Google follow

Technology majors dominate the top 10 ranks in a new list that reveals the world's most valued brands. The top 100 brands collectively registered an impressive growth of 42 per cent in the pandemic stricken year.

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Story highlights
  • Amazon has been ranked as the world's most valued brand in a new report, followed by Apple, Google and Microsoft.
  • Tesla registered the fastest growth, up by 275 per cent from last year.
  • There are several new entries to the list, like Nvidia, Qualcomm and Zoom.

Amazon has been ranked as the world's most valuable brand yet again, beating tech majors like Apple and Google to the race. The company grew by $268 billion in value this year, registering an astonishing 64 per cent jump from last year.

Amazon held the number 1 spot with a brand value of $684 billion in a new BrandZ report released by Kantar. The market report lists the world's most valuable global brands, across a total of 13 categories.

The analysis also reveals that the top 100 most valuable global brands in 2021 grew collectively by 42 per cent. The growth results in a cumulative record of over $7 trillion in value for all the brands.

It highlights how the growth is an impressive example of a "rebound from the economic toll of the global pandemic." A total of 13 new companies entered the list this year. These include Nvidia at number 12, with a value of $105 billion, Qualcomm at 37 with 48 billion value, Zoom at 52 with $37 billion value, AMD (57) with $33 billion in value and Spotify (99), with $19 billion value.

Tesla was found to be the fastest-growing brand in 2021, standing at number 47 in the list. The company has more than doubled in value this year, with a jaw-dropping 275 per cent growth in value, rising to $43 billion.

Kantar BrandZ top 10 most valuable global brands (Brand values in US dollars, millions)

Technology firms dominate the top spots. Among the top 10 most valued brands, seven spots have been secured by technology companies. Followed by Amazon, Apple and Google are ranked at second and third respectively. The companies have registered a growth of 74 per cent and 42 per cent this year, rising to $612 billion and $458 billion in value respectively.

Microsoft has been ranked fourth, with a value of $410 million, up by 26 per cent from last year. Tencent and Facebook follow at numbers 5 and 6 respectively. While Tencent grew to $240 billion (up by 60 per cent), Facebook touched a $226 billion mark with a 54 per cent growth.

Other household tech names like Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi also make it to the list. As for the top spot, Amazon seems to be on a roll, with its business performing outstandingly during a pandemic that gripped the world. As people resort to online shopping with the lockdown restrictions and now as a precautionary habit, the company business' is only expected to increase for the time to come.