Google has added minimum OS requirement for apps on the Play Store

Google has added minimum OS requirement for apps on the Play Store

Google now specifies what version of "Android OS" is required to install an app on the Play Store.

(Image: India Today Tech) (Image: India Today Tech)
Story highlights
  • The minimum Android OS version can be found under the “App info” section.
  • Google simply notes what version of Android is needed to install an application.
  • The new feature is widely available with version 29.2.13 of the Google Play Store.

Google has recently rolled out a new update to the Play Store that now tells you the required or minimum Android OS version a device needs to meet to install an app. The Play Store version 29.2.13 now includes a new line item called "Android OS" under "App Info" which shows the minimum supported version.

Each Android app needs to define the "minimum Android version" and "target Android version." The minimum version specifies the oldest Android version that an app supports, while the target version refers to the intended Android version the app was built for.

The iOS-style indicators are a line item visible on the Google Play Store alongside Version, Updates On, Download, Offered By, Released On, and App Permissions.

Google has long been displaying the minimum OS requirement on the web version of the Play Store. However, this is the first time that this line has appeared on Android phones.

This new feature is not very useful as the Play Store already hides apps that are not supported by your device. For example, if an app is built only for Android 7 and up, you won't be able to find it on the app store if you're using a phone running Android 6.

Also, the Google Play Store has added a new feature that shows a circular install indicator on your home screen when you start downloading an app.

Last month, Google Play Store added a new "Offer" tab in the bottom bar. Basically, the tab gives you a roundup of deals and discounts across apps, games, movies, and books in one place. Offers are displayed on prominent cards. The Play Store now also lets you find and install Android TV and Wear OS apps right from your smartphone.