iPhone 12 at Rs 53,999 on Flipkart is a decent deal that you may consider

iPhone 12 at Rs 53,999 on Flipkart is a decent deal that you may consider

Apple iPhone 12 is up for sale at a discount of over Rs 11,000 on Flipkart right now.

Story highlights
  • iPhone 12 is available at a price of Rs 53,999 on Flipkart.
  • This is much less than the price of Rs 65,900 on the Apple Store.
  • Even if you bundle AirPods, you get a better deal on Flipkart.

If you missed out on the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale, where offers were too good to miss, Flipkart has another sale underway. It is the Big Diwali Sale and the offers continue to be available on a range of products. If it is the iPhone you are looking to buy, Flipkart has a decent deal on it right now. The iPhone 12 is a great phone even after one year and, thanks to the huge discount, you can buy it for much less.

Before I talk about why this deal is good (or bad), let us get it out of our way, shall we?

So, Flipkart is selling the iPhone 12 64GB at Rs 53,999 right now. This price is applicable to all colour options of the iPhone 12. The price of Rs 53,999 is much less than the official price of Rs 65,900 that Apple announced right after it launched the brand-new iPhone 13 series. Over and above this discount, you get Rs 3,000 off on using an SBI credit card, so the effective price for you will be Rs 50,999.

The discounts end here for you, but you can bring down the cost even further. That is when you trade in an old phone. On exchanging an old phone, such as an iPhone XR, you can get around Rs 14,000 off on the final price of the iPhone 12. After that, the effective price will be around Rs 37,000. That price makes the iPhone 12 deal the one to grab, but let us talk about if you should go for it.

See, the iPhone 12 price of Rs 53,999 is far less than what you would pay for it on the Apple online store. It is not the lowest price on the iPhone 12, though. Flipkart was selling the iPhone 12 64GB for as low as Rs 49,999 during the Big Billion Days Sale, and that was hands-down the most attractive deal on the iPhone 12. I broke down the deal in an article to compare it with what Apple was offering: free AirPods with the iPhone 12 at MRP. I am going to compare the two offers again.

If you are not using the SBI credit card discount, the price you will pay is Rs 53,999, which is Rs 11,901 less than what Apple is charging for the same. On the Apple online store, the iPhone 12 is available at its original price of Rs 65,900, but there you also get free AirPods worth Rs 14,900. So, to compare both of them, let us bundle the AirPods (without wireless charging case) with the iPhone 12 on Flipkart.

If you buy an iPhone 12 and AirPods from Flipkart, you pay Rs 53,999 and Rs 8,999, respectively. That amounts to a total of Rs 62,998. That is around Rs 3,000 less than what you will pay for both on the Apple online store. But you get free engraving on AirPods on the Apple store, so you will have to decide whether or not getting your name on your AirPods is worth Rs 3,000. And I did not consider the card discount here. If you use an SBI card, you can get the whole bundle for Rs 59,748 after a discount of Rs 3,250. That is an amazing price for both Apple products right now.