WhatsApp feature: New update to bring Quick Edit Media Shortcut soon on iOS and Android

WhatsApp Quick Edit Media Shortcut feature will let the user edit media files they have sent or received in an individual WhatsApp chat or a group conversation

WhatsApp to add 'quick edit media shortcut' feature WhatsApp to add 'quick edit media shortcut' feature

WhatsApp has updated its app yet again to bring am an extremely useful feature that will allow users to edit media files that you have sent or received on the Facebook-owned messaging app. The feature is still not out yet and the company is working on it to ensure the bug-free experience. Therefore, the edit option is not visible on the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS platforms.

The new WhatsApp feature will not only save time but will also save storage space for the user. The Quick Edit Media Shortcut feature, according to the WhatsApp beta tracking site, WABetaInfo, will let the user edit media files they have sent or received in an individual WhatsApp chat or a group conversation. The feature will reduce the steps that are currently required to edit a media file that a user sends or receive in a chat or a group conversation.

At present, WhatsApp does not provide any in-built media editing features. The new feature, however, won't replace the existing media editing feature that is available only for the images. Once the feature is made available, a new Edit button will appear which, if tapped, will automatically redirect the users to the section that allows them to edit the media. It must be noted that editing and saving an image using the new feature will not override the previous media, but will generate a new file which can be sent to other chats.

As per the beta tracking site, the new feature won't be an Edit or Replace Media feature like the one implemented in Telegram, but simply "copy this photo and show the Doodle section where you can add text and stickers on the media".

The messaging app is maintaining its popularity and top spot by pushing timely updates and introducing new features that enhance the user experience. In the next few months, WhatsApp could introduce other features like the Dark Mode, QR code scanning, fingerprint authentication, Sharing WhatsApp status post on Facebook etc.

Edited By: Udit Verma

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