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Meditation helped the Thai boys trapped in the cave remain calm through the ordeal

Videos that members of the Navy SEAL unit captured also show that although weak, the boys and their coach were not in despair and were laughing along to jokes made by members of the rescue team.

A bear that appears to have escaped with the bunch has been shot and killed by the police.
After flavoured vitamin water, a sports drink, Honest tea and Dasani bottled water, Coca-Cola has now jumped to tap the expanding "chuhai" market.
The cause of the crash remains unclear and an investigation has been initiated.
The London mayor "supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms," as mentioned in a statement on Sadiq Khan's behalf.
The anti-Islam tweet created a furore on social media, with Twitterati calling for the chef Atul Kochhar's sacking.
He was found non-responsive by French chef and friend Eric Ripert. CNN that hosted Bourdain's travel show confirmed the news.
Are there things that fall off easily from your pocket like keys, cards or a coin or two? Just lock them away in that mini pouch.
The Sayonara tax is also the first permanent tax adopted by Japan since 1992.
The successful candidates would eventually move to Iceland on June 1 and would continue their term till it gets over on August 15.
The 'D5' is the most expensive number plate sold till now - for Rs 67 crore.