Rail Budget Highlights: Loss of human life is too heavy a price to pay, says Prabhu

Rail Budget Highlights: Loss of human life is too heavy a price to pay, says Prabhu

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will present the Rail Budget in Parliament today.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu

Highlight132: Rail Budget disappoints NDA constituent PMK, S Ramadoss says there are no new announcements.#

Highlight131: Railway minister has focussed on 5-year plan and not fallen into any immediate populist measure: PM Modi.#

Highlight130: Today, we want services that are transparent and rail minister took a step towards that: PM Narendra Modi.#

Highlight129: Parliament, which is a stakeholder in railways, wasn't taken into confidence before making announcements on projects: TMC.#

Highlight128: This is a brake-fail budget, a clerical and casual approach: TMC on Rail Budget.#

Highlight127: We have tried to accomplish common man's needs in Rail Budget: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight126: Money will come from extra budgetary sources, we are talking to World Bank, Asian Development Bank: Suresh Prabhu on Rail Budget.#

Highlight125: This Rail Budget is to better the railways, if the railways improve the nation will improve: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight124: Diesel prices have come down yet there has been no reduction in passenger fares: Mamata Banerjee.#

Highlight123: Who are they trying to fool by not hiking passenger fares in this budget; they have already hiked fares recently: Mamata Banerjee.#

Highlight122: This govt is a govt of farmers and works for their welfare, we've laid emphasis on this: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight121: We have talked of CCTV surveillance for security of women in railways, online booking of wheelchairs for senior citizens: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight120: Without increasing fares, the plan size has been increased to approximately 52%, convenience of passengers kept in mind: Amit Shah.#

Highlight119: Rail Budget has given great importance to passenger convenience & safety; I congratulate PM & rail minister: Amit Shah.#

Highlight118: We have some very fine ideas, but no concrete indication on the revenue source or a credible implementation plan: Shashi Tharoor.#

Highlight117: There was expectation that fares would reduce, but that didn't happen: Nitish Kumar.#

Highlight116: I couldn't understand what was there in Rail Budget, I will have to meet Suresh Prabhu what's there in it: NCP MP Supriya Sule.#

Highlight115: It's a useless Rail Budget, it spells out nothing for 2015-2016; a vision document for 2030: Veerappa Moily.#

Highlight114: A supplementary Rail Budget needs too be presented, this can just be called a half budget: SAD MP PS Chandumajra.#

Highlight113: For the first time in the country's history Rail Budget has administrative, economic & technological reforms: Nitin Gadkari.#

Highlight112: It's a holistic Rail Budget, there is a vision; very profound & development oriented budget: Ravi Shankar Prasad.#

Highlight111: Rail Budget is a long statement of intent without any substance as to how it will be achieved: JD-U's Pavan Verma.#

Highlight110: It was just a set of promises, main fine prints have not been talked about including how you will finance it: Dinesh Trivedi.#

Highlight109: It is an innovative Rail Budget with out-of-the-box ideas: LJP MP Chirag Paswan.#

Highlight108: General comment without reading the entire budget is 'there is no budget this time, it is just an idea': Dinesh Trivedi.#

Highlight107: I am particularly delighted that for the 1st time there is a concrete vision for technology upgradation & modernisation of the railways: PM.#

Highlight106: Rail Budget 2015 stands out for its focus on the common man, putting speed, scale, service & safety, all on one track: PM Modi.#

Highlight105: Happy that Rail Budget looks at such deep details like women safety, convenience for senior citizens and passengers: Smriti Irani.#

Highlight104: Rail Budget 2015 is a forward looking, futuristic & passenger centric budget, combining a clear vision & a definite plan to achieve it: PM.#

Highlight103: Rail Budget lays out a clear roadmap to make the Railways the key driver of India's economic growth & playing a key role in India's progress: PM.#

Highlight102: I don't really see anything new, it's just continuation of previous projects: Former railway minister Pawan Bansal on Rail Budget.#

Highlight101: We haven't seen any improvement in the condition of Indian Railways in last 9 months: Mayawati.#

Highlight100: Many new announcements were made, but they didn't tell us how many of the projects introduced in last budget were implemented: Mayawati.#

Highlight99: No announcement about new trains, we were expecting reduction in rail fare: Congress MP Rajeev Shukla on Rail Budget.#

Highlight98: The Rail Budget reflects the vision of PM, it'll ensure more safety, speed and address the resource crunch: Prakash Javadekar.#

Highlight97: IRCTC to work on Kisan Yatra, a special scheme for farmers: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight96: Corruption at all levels is affecting common man, we are working on solution to address this menace: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight95: We are launching a coastal connectivity programme this year at a cost of Rs 2,000 crore: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight94: Suresh Prabhu identifies encroachment on railways land as a serious issue, says mapping is being done to fix the responsibility on officials.#

Highlight93: We propose to get a system audit conducted for railways in next 2 months: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight92: Focus will be to improve freight handling; wagon leasing to be made attractive to private players, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight91: Rs 6,581 crore to be spent on level crossing safety: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight90: 4 railway research centres to be set up at various universities, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight89: We will revamp PPP cell to make it more result-oriented: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight88: Train collision detection system to be installed on selected routes, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight87: 917 safety work projects to eliminate over 3,000 unmanned crossings in all states: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight86: Audio visual warning, radio based signals design, unmanned level crossing on cards to enhance safety: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight85: To prevent fire in coaches, we'll install train protection warning system and train collision avoiding system: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight84: Safety is of paramount importance; loss of human life is too heavy a price to pay: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight83: Transformation of railways offers great opportunity for Make in India initiative: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight82: With the increase in speed, Delhi-Kolkata journey can be done overnight, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight81: Speed of 9 corridors to be increased from 110-130 km/hr to 160-200 km/hr, says rail minister.#

Highlight80: Automatic freight scheme will be launched on all-India basis, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight79: 6,000 km to be electrified in 2015-16 compared to 462 km in 2014-15: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight78: By 2019 the proposed investment in railways would be to the tune of Rs 8.56 lakh crore: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight77: Committed to provide rail connectivity to northeast states: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight76: Middle berth will now be reserved for women and senior citizens, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight75: Satellite railway terminals in 10 major cities, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight74: We will invite open bids for redevelopment of stations: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight73: Suresh Prabhu proposes to move towards paperless ticketing.#

Highlight72: Braille enabled coaches, collaboration with NIFT & NID for better bed rolls, inner coach designs: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight71: Railway minister urges MPs to use a part of their funds to improve customer amenities at station platforms.#

Highlight70: We are increasing number of days for booking tickets to 120 days: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight69: Railways to run AC trains for Mumbai suburban local service, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight68: Railway minister says SMS alert service will begin to inform passengers about arrival and departure of their trains.#

Highlight67: On board entertainment on some Shatabdi trains to be introduced, says rail minister.#

Highlight66: We will create a multi-lingual e-ticketing system: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight65: Surveillance cameras will be installed on select mainline and ladies' compartments, promises Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight64: Automatic ticket vending machines, smart cards & integrated ticketing to be further expanded across stations: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight63: E-catering introduced in 108 locations, we are working to integrate best food chains: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight62: Introduction of integrated ticketing will be done, a defence travel system has been developed to make travel easier: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight61: A mobile application to address people's complaints is being developed: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight60: Passenger travelling unreserved can buy a ticket in 5 minutes under "operation 5 minutes", says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight59: Railways will utilise Nirbhaya fund for augmenting safer travel for women, says Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight58: A separate department will be created to take care of cleanliness: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight57: Ensuring higher standards of cleanliness a priority for us; we are working on Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight56: We will increase track length by 20% and passenger carrying capacity from 21 to 30 million: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight55: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu rules out hike in passenger fares.#

Highlight54: Railway belongs to the whole nation, decisions must be fair to all stakeholders: Suresh Prabhu emphasising on transparency.#

Highlight53: I thank PM Modi for infusing all Indians with a sense of pride and dream of prosperous nation: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight52: We envisage investment of over Rs 850,000 crore over 5 years: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight51: We'll revamp management practices, processes and procedures: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight50: We will increase track capacity by 14% to 138,000 km: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight49: Transforming railways will require us to partner with key stakeholders, we will work with states: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight48: We want to make railways self-sustainable: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight47: Is it surprising that Rajdhanis and Shatabdis can run at 130 km/hr but actually run at 70 km/hr: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight46: We will extend railways and modernise infrastructure: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight45: We have fixed goals for ourselves - make railways a safer means of travel: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight44: Good governance emerges out of participative governance, people's involvement is very high with railways: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight43: The legacy of lost decades may take some time to neutralise: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight42: Railway is a unique integrator of India, it is a network of veins pumping blood in the economy of India, says Prabhu.#

Highlight41: I am convinced that we can deliver: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight40: Indian Railways has suffered from a vicious cycle of underinvestment for long time leading to deterioration: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight39: In the next 5 years our priority will be to improve capacity in high-density networks: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight38: Railways carry a heavy burden of expectations: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight37: 492 sections of Indian Railways running at a capacity of over 100%; 228 running between 80-100%: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight36: Investment in railways will create jobs and is important for environmental sustainability: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight35: Railway is a unique integrator of India: Suresh Prabhu in his Rail Budget.#

Highlight34: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu begins his Rail Budget speech in Lok Sabha.#

Highlight33: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to present his maiden Rail Budget shortly.#

Highlight32: We will keep in mind long term interest of railways and interests of common passenger and try to balance the both: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight31: We have to get investments and become highly competitive in quality of services we offer: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight30: We have to make railways a globally benchmark organisation in safety, security and infrastructure: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight29: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu reaches Parliament for his first Rail Budget.#

Highlight28: 95% of our passengers are common people; we have to take care of their interests, priorities & grievances: Suresh Prabhu.#

Highlight27: I hope it will be a forward looking Rail Budget: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar.#

Highlight26: We fear the govt will raise fares; there is no infrastructure for bullet trains: CPIM leader Sitaram Yechury.#

Highlight25: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu leaves Rail Bhavan for Parliament, his budget speech to begin at noon.#

Highlight24: Suresh Prabhu will present a good budget and try to live up to people's aspirations: Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena.#

Highlight23: Govt is talking about bullet trains, but there are no tracks: Sharad Yadav.#

Highlight22: Indian Railways is in a mess, says J-DU chief Sharad Yadav.#

Highlight21: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu reaches Rail Bhavan.#

Highlight20: The budget will be good, it will be people's budget: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu before leaving home.#

Highlight19: Railways have become dirtier after the Swachh Bharat campaign, says Mohammed Salim.#

Highlight18: There are a lot of incomplete railway projects, people are disillusioned: CPI leader Mohammed Salim.#

Highlight17:'Bullet train a great idea but costs about Rs 300 cr for 1 km. Is it doable?,' asks former Rail Minister Dinesh Trivedi.#

Highlight16:'Hopes of bullet trains, golden quadrilateral didn't find any refraction on ground: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, former MoS Railway.#

Highlight15:'The budget will set the direction of long and difficult road of reform,' says Prabhu ahead of presenting the Raiway Budget.#

Highlight14:Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to leave for Rail Bhavan shortly.#

Highlight13:BSE Sensex trading 70 points lower at 10.22 am, NSE Nifty down 20 points.#

Highlight12:Copies of Rail Budget 2015 reach Parliament.#

Highlight11:'Common man will be given prime importance, Rail Budget will be as per their expectations,' says Sinha.#

Highlight10:'Expansion and modernisation of Indian Rail network will be seen, passengers will be benefitted,' adds Sinha.#

Highlight9:'Rail Budget will bring a smile to everyone's face, all issues will be addressed,' says Manoj Sinha, MoS, Railway.#

Highlight8:India has the fourth largest rail network in the world, used by some 25 million passengers each day.#

Highlight7:MPs and state governments have demanded new trains, rail lines and projects in the Budget.#

Highlight6:Proposals for 'Make in India' initiatives besides enhancing safety and security on anvil.#

Highlight5:Road map for attracting private investment for the Railways may be announced.#

Highlight4:The railway network may receive at least a 25% boost in investment to over $9 billion on falling fuel costs.#

Highlight3:Prabhu may not announce too many new trains and instead do it gradually over the course of the year.#

Highlight2:Prabhu, 61, is a CA by profession and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.#

Highlight1:Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will present maiden Rail Budget in Parliament today.#

Published on: Feb 26, 2015, 3:25 PM IST
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