Reliance Jio Fiber: Wi-Fi Mesh, separate broadband ID for guests, other features you may have missed

Reliance Jio Fiber offers high-speed broadband up to 1 Gbps, landline connection, Free 4K TV, OTT streaming apps, TV video calling and much more

Reliance Jio Fiber broadband connection Reliance Jio Fiber broadband connection

Reliance Jio unveiled its optical-fibre based broadband internet plans earlier this month and promised to offer high-speed broadband up to 1 Gbps, landline connection, Free 4K TV, OTT streaming apps, TV video calling and much more. However, there are many smaller details and new features of the Reliance Jio Fiber which user may have either missed or ignored. Let's take a look at 5 more compelling reasons for getting a Jio Fiber connection.

Separate Wi-Fi ID for guests: On a JioFiber connection, you will be able to give your guests access to your internet without sharing your password. Guests will be able to login using a separate ID and password, preventing them from knowing the password of your Jio Fiber connection.

Jio Wi-Fi Mesh: The Jio Wi-Fi mesh will keep the user connected to their devices from every corner of their home. For example, multiple JioFiber users will be able to stream 4K content, play games or simply surf the net without any degradation in speed or quality.

Smartphone or landline as intercom: JioFiber will its users to connect their landline or smartphone to their housing society's reception. This JioFiber feature will let its customers use their smartphone or landline as an intercom in the society.

Smartphone as a gaming controller: JioFiber Set Top Box is also geared toward gaming and promises to offer zero-latency gaming experience. The company has also said that it will support all popular gaming controllers, and the users will also be able to play using a virtual controller through a smartphone.

JioFiber home networking: Jio Fiber lets its users share all of their content, including photos, music, videos, documents, across different devices. JioFiber users can also connect their hard-drive to Jio Home Gateway or Jio STB and access all their files anytime, anywhere using JioHome app on their smartphones.

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