Biz EOD: India receives 5 lakh test kits; HDFC Bank to get new CEO soon; social distancing needed till 2022

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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said 5 lakh antibody rapid test kits of two kinds have arrived from China. India's biggest private lender HDFC Bank is closing in on its search for a successor to current Chief Executive Aditya Puri, who is set to retire in October. A Harvard research shows that people might need to practice some level of social distancing intermittently till 2022Read for more top stories from the world of business and economy:

1. Coronavirus outbreak: 5 lakh rapid test kits arrive in India

ICMR had recommended the use of rapid antibody testing for coronavirus in high containment zones on April 2.

2. HDFC Bank finalises three names for top post; could announce Aditya Puri's successor soon

Reason behind HDFC's decision to hurry the CEO appointment process may be RBI's recent directive to fill its important board positions only post the joining of the new CEO.

3. Coronavirus: You may have to maintain some degree of social distancing till 2022

Coronavirus update: Governments are now feeling the pressure of loosening the lockdown restrictions. However, norms can only be relaxed if measures to control the disease are implemented, including widespread testing.

4. Lockdown 2.0 bleeds travel, aviation; manufacturing, agriculture plan hesitant comebacks

Travel and aviation will have to wait longer for a respite as coronavirus lockdown extension restricts public movement till May 3; and although granted some leeway, it's still not business as usual for manufacturing and agriculture.

5. Coronavirus lockdown: How IndiGo, SpiceJet, GoAir could have cut their losses

In India, the situation with domestic carriers is pretty grim with just three months of losses being pegged at $3.6 billion; but did airlines actually have a chance to be better prepared.